My daughter and I fell down from the bed in the middle of the night but were lifted in the air and back to bed by something supernatural ! – Short Horror Story

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This is when my baby gurl was 4 month old (now she's 2.5 ). I woke up, still sleepy to nurse her and did not realize was sitting at the edge of the bed… I guess I dozed off and fell backwards from the bed. Now, you see I was sitting cradling her in my arms while she nursed, so if I fell backwards, I should have landed on my head and possibly hurting her too… HOWEVER ! The moment I fell backwards, I could feel 2 hands literally catch me halfway (and mind you I was still in the position I was sitting in ) and put ne right back on the bed the way I was sitting. Only this time I got so freaked out that I was clutching my baby close to my heart and no words came out of my mouth…. MY husband was sleeping right next to us and he slept through…. but when I told him the next morning, he totally believed me … Said it's his Grandmother ( she loved him very much)…

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