Mr.Playtime : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Everyone in my class knows the story.

If you are alone in our school at night and you feel a pair of hands slowly cover your eyes, that is Mr.Playtime, wishing to play with you. The game he chooses is random and he slowly guides your movement until you reach a location of his choosing. The people who succeed in this twisted game are said to have received a wish. I didn’t believe this rumor until Samantha, one of my friends, came to our table with a grin on her face and a new cell phone in hand. Samantha’s family was poor and everyone knew it, so our class asked her how she got it.

“I just asked Mr.Playtime.” she said nonchalantly

“Everyone knows that’s a stupid rumor.” I said

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you try it, then? Or does little Mrs.Popular not need a wish? Sugar daddy provides you with everything.” she yelled

As a response, I went over and smacked her upside the head. The entire class was silent. Samantha glared at me as I went back to my seat. There was something that I wanted and if Mr.Playtime could give me that, then I was going to risk it.

I went back to our classroom at 3am that night. I hid underneath the teacher’s desk and waited, holding my breath. After what felt like an eternity, I got out from under the desk and stepped outside of the classroom. It was then when I saw pitch black hands cover my eyes completely. The skin felt burnt and the nails were long enough to dig into my face. I was terrified.

“Do you wish to play?” said Mr.Playtime in a hoarse voice

“What do you want to play?” I asked

“Sing with me. I will guide you.” he replied

We started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider as we walked together. He was guiding me through the halls, going left, right, and everywhere in between. Then, Mr.Playtime and I were walking upstairs, singing London Bridge. The song ended and I felt the night breeze on my face. It was peaceful. The song finished and we stopped walking.

“You’ve completed my game! Now, Elise, tell me exactly what you want.” said Mr.Playtime

I smiled with joy.

“I wish to be free. Free from high school, free from my parents, from everything.” I said

Mr.Playtime giggled and removed his hands from my face.

“Now, open your eyes.” commanded Mr.Playtime

I opened my eyes to see the night sky…

And the ground floor.

16 year old Elise Maxwell was found dead outside of Maybelline High School. Nail marks are seen on the victim’s face and police are suspecting foul play.

Samantha read the headline on the news that morning as she was getting ready for school. As she left her room to head to school, only one thought was in her mind.

“My wish came true.”

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