luroys dog has been barking at nothing : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Luroys dog has been barking at nothing for months now and it has been causing many problems for him and the neighbors. People have been complaining at the noise his dog has been making and people are not happy at all. Luroy doesn’t know why his dog keeps barking at absolutely nothing all the time and he is starting to become scared at the fact that nothing maybe actually something. Luroy has been struggling to do his work while his dog barks a lot at thin air and he has even been contemplating getting rid of it. He definitely regrets getting a pet and wishes he never had one.

Luroy has been talking with his neighbor’s and has been apologising profusely to them, but he always explains to them that his dog is barking at nothing and doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to spend money on a specialist as he cannot afford it at the moment. When his dog is barking at nothing it’s an awkward moment and some neighbors bang on the wall. Living in flats have advantages and disadvantages, and luroy had even shouted at his dog to shut up. What can a dog be shouting at when nothing is infront of it?

Then luroy had no choice but to call a dog specialist and the maintenance team to check out his flat. The dog specialist is expensive but the maintenance team is provided by the management team of the residential building. As his dog was barking at nothing once again luroy was angry and completely regretted getting a dog, I guess he was just following the vibe of the popularity of getting a pet but not knowing the realities of getting one. His dog kept on barking and luroy was just sitting on his bed just contemplating the point of his life.

Then a knock came at the door and through the peep hole he saw the maintenance team and the dog specialist outside his flat. As he let them in, he explained to them and showed them how his dog keeps on barking at nothing. They were all horrified when they saw me all tied up and they picked me up and they kept telling me that I am not nothing and that I need an ambulance and the police. I had never felt so loved as the dog specialist and maintenance team kept saying that I am a human being, and they all grabbed me and took me away as the dog was still barking at me.

I am not nothing and so the owners dog wasn’t barking at nothing, he was barking at a human being, that had been kidnapped of his own dignity and free will. I am receiving help now and the owner of the dog has been put in jail and the dog has been taken away.

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