Looked away for just a few [700,000 Subs Contest] : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Peter sat alone at home Still staring at the wall Time was late, soon time for bed But Peter stayed in place

Mind was racing, back and forth To what he did before When he drove his car back home So quickly, fast and dumb

Got a message from his Jane “Please call” the bright screen said Looked away for just a few The cyclist hit the front

Panic in his eyes and chest He slowly drove away He was lonely on the road Yes, no one had to know

Back at home, he parked his car And cleaned of all the blood Then he sat down in his chair And now we’re back at start

Suddenly the doorbell rang He knew the time had come When he stood he thought of Jane His wife would be alone

Door crept up, he said “Hello” His voice so very thin Three policemen stood outside And looked him in the eyes

“Peter, right?” the first one said “Correct” said Peters mouth “Sorry to inform you this” The officer kept on

“Jane, your wife” policeman said “Was killed on her way home” “Suspect are right now unknown” “It was a hit-and-run”

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