Last Thought After Taking a full Bottle of Sleeping Pills : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I took a bottle of pills just a little bit ago. Don’t know what will happen, not care for it but that’s not the point of this. I wanted to ask you something. I’m aware at this hour there’s a chance nobody will read or the fact I can barely make sense anymore will help people run away from this. While I’m slowly falling I started to wonder about something special. Earlier I was attacked by an angry mob. A mob who decided good technology and slave labor in Asia was better than having no phones. I was destroyed and heart broken. Not that I think people shouldn’t own phones but I wasn’t expecting people agreeing with slave/child labor.

I’ve been treated as a second class human. 12 hours shifts for 200 a month, Monday to Saturday. It’s scary. It’s scary to see people threatening you with no pay which in term becomes no food and no roof over your head. And being overworked… omg being overworked. 

Why? Why did they decide to attack someone who talked against this and praise those who said the iPhone was just too good. 

If that’s not a scary story… I don’t know what it is. Do we need monsters? Ghost? All that for people to consider us scary writers? 

Isn’t it enough to hear and see how as they call them or treat them, second class humans are living in conditions so bad we feel like we’re living in a movie where there’s no hero and only villains and demons.

Now trying to advocate for the children is wrong…? Someone told me: then stop eating and wearing clothes. Can you make sense of that?

I’m happy the charcoal and pills are doing its job. 

Be better. 

Stop it. 

And the iPhone won’t give you five class, it’ll give you a phone. Nothing else.

Nothing else.

Want something scarier for real? So many poor countries were normal like Europe and America. Even richer. But something happened… and now they’re countries that are starving. Just keep that in mind. 

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