I’m not a doctor but I keep giving medical advice : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I’m not a doctor but I keep giving medical advice because people keep coming up to me and asking for advice. Like one time harrali came up to me and said that he has had a migraine for months now and I felt so sorry for him. Migraines have truly ruined his life and he cannot function properly anymore and so I knew how to cure his migraines. I made him drink so much bleach and he struggled to do it at first, but he did it, on non-doctors orders. Then suddenly he was so joyful when he realised that his migraines had completely gone away and he hugged me so much. His nick name is now bleach man harrali because he still drinks so much bleach.

Then when yutara came to me in desperate need of help because she had a very had tooth ache, she was terrified of dentists and came to me to take her pain away. I wanted to help yutara because her tooth ache is causing her so much agony and she cannot function properly which is pretending to be a floor by laying on the floor, pretending to be a sofa by laying down on the sofa all day, and also pretending to be a wall by standing against a wall all day. I made her pour acid all over her face which was my medical advice and she couldn’t believe it when her tooth ache had gone away. Her nick name became acid yutara.

Then there was fulaka and his vision was going bad and he came to me for my great non doctor medical advice. He needed his eyes so that he could spy on his ex wife’s new family and also observe people that he was truly fond of, and then do fondly things to them in his mind. I was determined to fix his eyes and so I marked his feet with a burning hot rod and even though it was painful, it cured his eyes. He was so grateful for me for curing his eyes, that he gave me his eyes.

Now you may call me a hypocrite but whenever I need medical advice I still go to a proper doctor, and sometimes I see my patients in the place where people go to see doctors. They wave at me and they say that I am better than any real doctor. On occasion when I go to see my doctor, he himself also asks me for medical advice on his own health issues. It can be awkward.

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