I’m a cryptid, and I have attacked Dhar Mann. I now regret it. : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I have been a monster for a long time. I have killed many people, but I have never felt regret. I’m the only one of my kind that is able to speak, so I wish to tell a story.

After walking for 8 months without stopping, I was hungry; like a human who has not eaten for an entire life-time. I then saw him, Dhar Mann. I had heard of him, but did not know who he was. I then leapt at his men. I killed all of them, and then I bit him. He then escaped, so I tried to find him for 2 weeks, but I was not able to find him. After I went to a large structure, I saw him. I then attacked him, but before I was able to scratch him, he said stop.

I then looked at him and asked: What?!

He then said: “Well, you see. When you attacked me, I came to the realization that you were hungry. I was going to ask to go, and eat a steak”.

Me: What? No, you moron!

Him: Then die.

He then turned into a monster, and almost killed me.

I now live in a small house in a rural area. I try to forget of him, but I can’t.

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