I SAW MYSELF : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Have you ever seen your actual self struggling? Well i had . This incident or should i say nightmare happened when i was in college . It was late noon around 12-1pm , i was on my phone when i felt the need to take a nap , put my phone away and slowly started to drift away.

Deep in my sleep my nightmare began , I was laying bed eyes open and wanted to stand up but i couldn’t , can’t move my arms , legs , head literally my whole body frozen . My eyes were the only thing i can move. I started hearing my sister and mother talking outside my room , i tried to ask for help , in my head i was screaming so loudly but no sound came out . I was horrified.

The next thing i knew i was looking at my self struggling , i was standing at the foot of the bed staring at myself as i was trying to ask for help . The room slowly went dark and a silhouette of a man was passing by my bedroom window , it was bald and tall. So frightened i wanted to ran away . The room started to get very narrow , i couldn’t even explain

My door was slowly opening , shiver all i can do was shiver . In my head “WAKE UP WAKE UP!” , a tall dark figure appear right beside me , no facial features just pitch black that all he was . It started to climb up my bed as i lay there full in fear , i tried to close my eyes but now even my eye lids won’t shut . “NO NO GET OFF ME !” the word i wanted to utter out. I felt a sudden heaviness on chest as it slowly sat down , my heart was racing so fast that i couldn’t catch my breath. “Hmmm hmmm hmmmm” it started humming in a deep voice , probably one of the most scariest sound I’ve heard in my life .

Just as everything was turning into real evil i suddenly woke up , drench in sweat , fear and sadness . I got up and went to the kitchen to drink some water , i can still feel the heaviness on my chest . The fear of sleeping in my room kept me up for some nights , afraid that it might return and the possibility of not waking up from it frightens me. Sleep paralysis is no joke , it might actually KILL YOU.

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