I put chocolate on the cycle : shortscarystories – Short Horror Story

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“You put the chocolate on cycle?” he growls.

“Y-yes” I say.

“Anybody see you?”


“Good boy,”– he sniffs the row of white powder– “he follow you?”

“Yes. He’s coming right behind me.”

“Good…Now go.”

I totter my way inside.

It’s almost been one year since I’m putting the chocolates.

I’ve been in Maja’s shelter since I was three. I don’t really remember anything from that time, but he says my parents didn’t want me because I had a huge mole under my lips. So they left me near a sewer. He picked me up from there and took me in.

I never tried to run away from him. Because if my own family didn’t want me, who else would.

Maja’s got great strength in his arms– which he uses whenever I deny putting the chocolates.

He used to make those chocolates himself, using the white powder he sniffs.

But nowadays I do that work, too.

He has a mobile van in which both of us live.

We travel to small towns and settle deep in the woods.

Maja spends days keeping eyes on the town’s kids. He has an age range: 2-5 years of kids.

He then finds out their parent’s routines.

There would be moments when the kids would be alone, playing with their toys, tiny cycles, or skateboards.

He then sends me to them while he sits in the van. I would have the special chocolate in my hand, and he’d want me to me put it near those kids’ toys.

The kids would see my innocent face. And thinking I’m a new kid in town and want to be their friend, they’d eat the chocolate.

They’d love it so much that they’d want more and then, they’d follow me into the woods.

What he did with those kids once they made it to the van was never my area of questioning. I did once but got a burnt arm as the answer.

But it didn’t mean I couldn’t find out on my own.

After spying on him for months, I finally got to know that he gave the children to some people in return for money and powder.

They want their bones to make more white powder.

He’s waiting for today’s kid to show up while munching on the chocolate.

He had sent me with the chocolate near the kid’s house and wanted me to put it on his toy cycle.

But I didn’t.

Maja chokes on his bite as he falls out of his makeshift chair, his face goes purple-red and mouth foams up.

Maja loved the white powder.

So I mixed ten times the usual amount that goes in the chocolate batter.

I wouldn’t have done so if I hadn’t come across a half-torn missing kid’s poster on a pole near this town.

The kid in the picture had a large mole under his lips…

…And he was standing near his toy cycle.