I had to kill my two year old son as I was convinced he was trying to kill me : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I have always been a heavy sleeper ever since I was a child. My parents used to resort to throwing cold water on me in the morning to wake me up.

I was really worried after giving birth to my son that I would wake up one morning and he would be dead. My sleeping schedule at this time fell apart as I barely slept incase something happened to him overnight.

He is a little bit older now so I have managed to revert to a normal sleeping habit. Lately I have been waking up with a sore throat and then began noticing bruising around my neck.

I was really freaked out as the bruises resembled hand prints. My son has been acting a bit strange around me as well. He won’t look me in the eye and will flinch back if I approach him. I know it may sound crazy but I was convinced he was trying to strangle me.

I decided to set up a hidden camera to catch him in the act. I awoke the next morning to discover him lying in the bed beside me. I went and looked in the mirror and saw fresh bruising around my throat.

I snapped at this point and walked into the bedroom and locked my hands around his throat. I kept my eyes closed and didn’t open them until his body had finally stopped twitching. I looked into his cold dead eyes as they gazed up with an accusatory look.

I sat in the house for the next few hours feeling numb but knowing I had done the right thing. I eventually walked back into the bedroom and remembered the camera that recorded everything.

I decided to watch the evidence to prove that I hadn’t been crazy. I felt my knees buckle beneath me as I watched myself sleepwalking around my bedroom. My son was desperately trying to get me to go to bed and remove my hands from around my throat.

I couldn’t help but feel that this was mostly my son’s fault as if he had told me about my sleepwalking then he would still be alive. At least I will be more prepared when I have my next child.

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