I am typing this on the way to wherever we’re going. : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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He doesn’t know that I have a phone yet; I lied to him when he asked.

I hope the police don’t hang up on me. I called them but kept the volume all the way down so he wouldn’t hear anything.

Please don’t hang up on me.

I don’t know what to do otherwise. Neither of us have said a word in 5 minutes, and the radio’s not playing or anything.

All I wanted was a ride the rest of the way home; I was tired and cold.

He didn’t stop when I told him which street I lived on. He just kept driving.

At first I shouted at him to go back, to take me home, before he shut me up pretty quickly by showing me the pocketknife he had with him. It looked old, and there was something on it, maybe rust? At least I hope it’s just rust.

Please just be rust and nothing else.

I think we’re here.

He locked me in a room and left me here. He didn’t say a word, either. It’s getting a little dark out, but I think we’re at a cabin.

I hear something. Is that him screaming? Has someone come to rescue me?

It sounds like something terrible is happening to him. I hear disgusting squishing noises, and the sound of ripping.

I hear footsteps now; am I going to be saved, or is there something bad on the other side of that door?

The lock is being picked, I can hear it. I hear someone cursing, but it doesn’t sound like him.

The door is opening now, and I’m so scared and hopeful at the same time.

i can see two green eyes just staring at me, unblinking but they’re low to the floor and i’m confused, what is happening

I turn on my phone flashlight and let out a shriek.

there are two literal eyeballs gawking at me they’re not attached to anything or anyone, what’s going on what’s happening it’s so disgusting i want to throw up

i hear more of them, why couldn’t i hear the squelching sounds they were making, there’s now a pair of blue eyeballs and a pair of brown eyeballs and a singular red eyeball and they’re all staring at me and they’re coming closer and they smell so bad and-

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