I am a death row inmates last meal : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I have been chosen to be a death row inmate’s last meal. I was really terrified at first but people were telling about how much honour there is to be someone’s last meal. This criminal had committed horrific crimes which range from not wanting to be eaten by another death row inmate, then suddenly deciding to be a last meal for someone on death row. When the time came for him to be eaten, he didn’t let the death row inmate eat him but rather he attacked the prisoner and he had eaten the prisoner instead, the prisoner wanted to eat him raw and alive which is how he was able to attack him. He had done this multiple times and he is a scorned individual.

He has been put on death row and he has chosen me to be his last meal, I have no idea why. I was terrified and then I would become joyful at the same time for being chosen to he someone’s last meal. They had put so much emphasis on eating me and cooking me and sprinkling me with the best spices. I would be decorated and like I said I go from joy to terror. When I go to terror people put me down for feeling such things towards being someone’s last meal.

I have met the prisoner who has chosen me to be his last meal and by law I cannot say no. This prisoner is telling me not to make the same mistake as he did and try to stop it from happening, so he decided to cook me instead of eating me raw, so that I wouldn’t be alive to run away when the time comes for me to be eaten. Even in his last moments he is thinking about my honour. I remember trembling in front of him and he said to me “do not fear gregle, when I eat you as my last meal I will remember every taste and I will remember every texture and I will be grateful with you being my last meal on earth”

Then after he said that I didn’t feel terror anymore and I felt stupid for feeling terror in the first place. I felt grateful that he had chosen to eat me as his last meal before he died. I will be the last thing he will taste of life before he dies and I am truly honoured for this. I will not run away or give in to temptation to escape even if some people are offering it to me. I am going to be someone’s last meal, and what a meal it will be.

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