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On a typical night, I was excited to get home after work so I could eat dinner and smoke, but this wasn’t a typical night. As I lay in bed smoking a joint, alone in my house I started to feel off. At first, I thought it was my high getting to me since I sometimes get panic attacks, but this was different. I look into my dark hallway with only my twinkle lights on in my room, I believe that I see a shadow. I began to freak out so I decided to put on a movie to calm down. I was texting my boyfriend knowing if I told him I was paranoid that he would just say I was just being dumb. He hated that I smoked and always blamed every little thing for that reason. I put my phone down and start getting into the movie. The movie was dark shadows of course, but it was a comedy starring the beautiful Johnny Depp. As I’m watching, I feel there is something in the corner of my eye. I turn and see nothing. Of course, I was being paranoid about this weed but that wasn’t the case. I hear movement downstairs, at first, I thought maybe it was my cat or dog. I look down next to the bed and there they are sleeping on the floor in my room. I then sit up and think how stupid it would be for me to go and check it out. I’m really not that stupid so I just sit there and wait. I pause my movie and sit there with a concerned look. I then hear walking up the stairs. It was quiet like they didn’t want me to hear. My dog lifts up his head knowing he heard the steps. I thought maybe it was my boyfriend surprising me but if that were the case my ring camera would have gone off. I quietly get my phone and start to dial 911. My dog still had his head up, then I realized he hasn’t moved to bark or attack a potential stranger. My dog was very protective and sometimes would bark at nothing but this time something was off. He then backed into the corner of my room under my desk. He started to whimper as I never heard him cry the way he did. My cat was starstruck more by the fact my dog was crying but he then went over to my dog under my desk. I started getting chills and thought this isn’t a person. As the line rings for the 911 call my phone shuts off. My laptop fades to black and my twinkle lights darken. The power was out, but my phone was plugged in this entire time how would it die. I look over at my joint and think maybe im hallucinating or I was spiked but I smoked the same weed yesterday. After all of this is realized in the span of 10 seconds the steps grow louder. More frantic as this thing has somewhere to be. The noise stops in front of my door but I see nothing. I’m confused and stand up against my wall. I yell “Hello?”, nothing. This wasn’t normal, was I dissociating, confused, hallucinating? Absolutely not. I close my eyes hoping this was a dream and then I slowly open them. I was laying on a concrete floor. I wasn’t in my room anymore, I slowly look around and nothing is surrounding me. I ask myself out loud, “Where am I?”. I hear a low whisper saying “Home.”

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