Flat Tires : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

The wind is blowing, the rain falls heavy. On the TV there are the last news of some hours ago. “Nobody knows, except me”. I take my bag with the essentials for surviving, and I’ll be lucky enough to survive this night. I check my list for the last time and I have everything. I watch the clock and I should have enough time to go to the next city and organize myself in there. I exit the house, get into the car and start the engine. I try to go but I don’t move. I go outside and I notice the tires on the left side are flat. “Fuck!”. I go in the garage and take two tires, and I substitute them as fast as I can. I get into the car, start the engine and I go like a rocket. I’m halfway through and from the radio I hear the frist screaming. “C’mon baby, let’s arrive there before it”. I hear the scream from outside, no more from the radio. I hear it getting closer. I feel the wind changing direction, by it getting closer to me. The claws wrapped me, and I watch it in the eyes. “I couldn’t believe that I could see it again, and still feel sane!”

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