Finish The Sentence – Short Horror Story

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The night began with plenty of humour and drinks. It had been a while since we all hung out together.

"Okay, so I'll start with the first line," Billy announced, "then I'll fold the paper leaving just one-word visible and pass it to my left. Then Charlie will write the next line using just the visible word as a guide, again, leaving just one word visible for the next person, and so on and so on."

It was a simple game we all knew and had all played at least once in our lives.

"Once it gets back to me," Billy continued, "I will unravel the paper and read out the story."

There were seven of us sat around the table. I was number six. The drinks and conversation still flowed throughout the game and everyone was having a good time. The piece of paper made its way around.

My turn.

'Stabbed' was my visible word to work with.

I raised an eyebrow and half smiled to the person on my right who wrote the last word. His name was Steven. I didn't know him, non of us did. He tagged along with his girlfriend, Claire, who was always the odd one of our group; she'd always been into witchcraft and all that weird and dark stuff for as long as we'd known her and this Steven had been awkwardly quiet the entire night, but I'd just put it down to being nervous.

I took my turn, folded the paper to cover my line and passed it to my left.

"Anybody for another drink?" I asked.

Of course, everyone did.

By the time I'd finished, the story had made its full circle. Billy unravelled the paper and put on his 'story-telling-voice.'

"Ahem…Once upon a time, there were a bunch of friends gathered around a table. They*…were frightened, but had no idea why, if only they knew what was coming.* Suddenly*…there was a knock at the door which made everyone jump out* their*…hands tied together."*

We all laughed as the story began to make no sense.

"No one could move and they were in danger…zone. The song was everyone's favourite and they danced naked throughout the night. Steven…had a secret, which is why he was so quiet. He stabbed…them all in the back with a knife, then danced the funky chicken. Silence...filled the room with crushing despair. Finishing with a smile, he left them all to rot."

No one was laughing anymore, but Steven had the biggest grin upon his face. It was a large, closed-lipped grin, which made him even more unnerving and terrifying.

"Well…I wasn't expecting that, guys." Billy jokingly announced, hoping to break the uncomfortable silence.

BANG-BANG! Went the front door.

"I thought it was absolutely perfect…" Steven stood and waved a large knife in a circle and began whispering in some sort of ancient language. He then quickly made his way around our circle.

The last thing I saw, was him dancing…followed by his large, closed-lipped grin…

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