Fellow traveler. – Short Horror Story

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I shuffle around uncomfortably, trying to shake off the frigid January wind as I finish pumping gas, put the handle back, and screw the cap back on. Even with my hood pulled far down over my face, the snow still finds a way in, causing me to shiver. I open the door to my SUV and pause momentarily to glance towards the only other vehicle at the station, it's owner also getting ready to leave. Poor sap, not a good night to be out for sure. I get in and crank up my heater, rubbing my hands together in front of the vent and waiting for a moment before pulling the shifter into drive and signaling to get back out on the road. The heavily wooded two-lane is mostly deserted at this late hour, aside from the occasional crossing deer or county plow truck.

The drive is quite uneventful until I get three or four miles down the road. I notice a dark vehicle on the shoulder coming up quickly…a disabled motorist. I signal and carefully pull off onto the shoulder, then turn on my four-ways as I park behind the vehicle. Snow is coming steady and heavy at this point, and I shield my eyes with the back of my hand as I step out onto the road. I make my way past the front of my SUV as the other driver climbs out of his car.

"Hey! Everything okay?" I ask.

"Hey, yeah I'm alright but my car died all of a sudden!" He responds, shivering from the cold. I feel bad for him.

"Just died?" I confirm. "That's odd."

"Yeah I thought so too, now it won't even crank over." He says, gesturing towards his vehicle.

"Did you call anyone yet? Tow truck or anything?" I ask.

"No, I wasn't really sure who to call…it literally just happened a minute or two before I saw you pull up."

"Well, it's freezing out here, you want to warm up in my car? I'm pretty familiar with the area, there's a towing service just up the road that I'm pretty sure does 24 hour service, I can call them for you?"

"Um…sure that'd be great! Thank you!" He responds and walks towards my vehicle. I get in the driver's side and push the passenger door open for him. He climbs in and closes the door. "Man, thank goodness you came along! What a rotten night to get stranded."

"No kidding, crappy luck huh?" I say as I press the door lock button. Crappy luck you were at the same gas station I was, the one without any cameras, where I clipped your alternator wire while you went inside. Without your alternator charging the battery, you only had what? Four miles until the battery died and left you stranded, where I was the good Samaritan who picked you up? Crappy luck that your night is about to get a LOT fucking worse.

submitted by /u/Skiroule69