don’t believe what they tell you on : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I will be gone by the time anyone reads this. But I need to get the word out to as many people as possible. The world is about to be destroyed by an alien invasion. Most of the population will be destroyed and the survivors will be kept as slaves. There is nothing we can do to stop it. But you need to know that there are no aliens in this invasion.

I own a private security company that protects some of the wealthiest elites in the world. This morning I was part of a detail of five men protecting a client while he attended a board meeting in Berlin. 

Unfortunately, my client left a memo behind when we dropped him off. It read as follows:

Operation Downpour is to commence in twenty-four hours. As per our successful simulations, the board has agreed to continue with the operation as soon as possible. 

All board members are urged to travel to your designated bunkers for six months. 

During the first week, saucer-shaped drones will approach all major cities and attack. Simulations estimate the death toll at approximately three billion useless eaters. The members of this council have enough influence in the media to ensure only our narrative is seen.

Within a week of the initial strike, our operatives at the U.N. will announce to the world that they have made contact with the aliens and have negotiated a cease-fire. Our operatives will, at that point make known our demands. 

There is only to be one government

There is to be no religion 

All food, shelter, and medical will only be provided by the government and only to those who have been chipped to show their compliance

Our simulations estimate approximately seventy percent of the survivors will comply. Most who do not comply will starve or freeze. Our drones and strike teams will continue to eliminate the rest over the next six months. After that, all simulations show that it will be safe to emerge and assume power as the committee of the new world order.

That is the end of the letter. I thought it was a joke at first but when I returned to the office my assistant told me that my client had called and asked if we had found a memo in the vehicle. 

Before I could call him back I heard gunshots downstairs. I can see from my CCTV system that everyone is dead. My employees are top tier, the best of the best. And all of them are dead. 

A hit squad is coming down my hallway now in full kit. They are wearing shit I have never seen before. I’m going to die fighting. All I can hope for is that when you see aliens on the news in a couple of days make sure you warn as many people as you can… They are not aliens.

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