diversity hire : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I want to throw a big party and I did everything right by inviting every type of person and creature to my house. I had people whose skin colour were red, blue, orange and everything in between. I had creatures of every type invited to my party, and I was checking everything on the check list. The person coming to my house, and checking the list, is going to be here soon to see if my party could go on and if I haven’t invited everyone from a diverse range group, then my house party cannot go on. I knew I had done everything right and I had invited people from every religion and walks of life, and you only need one person to represent each group.

I invited all of my friends and then having to go through the diverse check list to make the party legal, it’s tough having parties these days. I was waiting for the guy who was going to check I had done everything right through the diversity check list, if there are things left out then the party cannot go on. I was on the edge of my seat, and I really just wanted to see my friends and it would be nice to just relax and have some fun. Then the check list man came and he checked out the guest list of everyone who were coming to my party.

He was pleased to see that I had invited people from every culture, religion and even some who were non-humans. I started to relax a little and I was sure that my party was going to be accepted to go ahead this weekend. I even had food and drinks for every kind of different requirements for like vegans, different religious groups, different creatures and overall all everything was being ticked off. The man was smiling and even he wanted to come to my party and he told me a story about the last party inspection that he did.

“This person only invited his friends” the man told me

Then after going through the list he told me there was one thing that I had left out to fully diversify my party. I now had to invite the colourless and raceless group of beings who have arrived at our universe. They weren’t on the list but they had recently been invited onto the list and so anyone throwing a party, wedding or any other venue must now invite the colourless and raceless beings. I begged the man to allow me not to invite them as our minds won’t be able to process them properly.

I had to invite them, and when everything was going well at the party, it went bad when the colourless beings turned up at my party. People were starting to become sick and they succumbed to a high pitched pain inside their minds. No one’s minds could process the colourless and raceless beings, peoples heads started melting.

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