Colossus – Short Horror Story

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Feet trample over rotten leaves that compose autumn floor

Wooden giants stare in stoic silence as you avoid tripping over their feet

It is pitch black save for the glow of the cold pale eye that gazes on, unmoving up above

It is dark but your eyes were made to see


A noise from behind

They are getting closer


Guttural voices near enough to be identical to thought

However, you are faster

But then…

The ground underneath your feet changes

It is no longer the soft verdant ground with which you are familiar

It is cold and unyielding

The sudden change causes you to stumble and slip, losing your momentum

You freeze in terror, waiting for the inevitable sensation of sharp teeth on soft flesh; the preamble of being ripped apart


It is silent

Your pursuers are nowhere to be found

Though the time to rejoice is cut short as you hear a gentle roaring in the distance

The strange ground snakes and winds its way towards the odd noise

Light envelops you as something, impossibly faster than any pursuer from the forest, gets…


The incomprehensible titan stares you down with eyes that shine brighter than the one in the sky

Your mind struggles to understand the great roaring beast that is getting closer every moment

It waits for you to understand nothing as it destroys you utterly with a triumphant roar

Taking your antlers into its metal teeth

And crushing your body into the asphalt beneath its massive steel frame…

submitted by /u/harrytheghoul

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