Check out these coffin cribs! – Short Horror Story

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Check out these coffin cribs and who knew that the places people die become thier coffin. It use to be when you die you let go of good looking things but take dagro for instance. When I checked out his coffin crib it has 5 bedrooms, a large living room and front room and a state of the art kitchen. Dagro's body was in the second bedroom with his blood splattered all over the walls and the weapon still in the room. His coffin crib was marvelous because his coffin was a large 5 bedroom house.

Then there was Rohan and his coffin crib was the boot of a car and the car itself was very old. His coffin crib wasn't so marvelous and his body was all squashed up in the boot of his car. His coffin crib was no where near dagros coffin crib and it didn't look very good at all. Nobody wants to be killed in the boot of an old car and now this old car is Rohans coffin now and what an embarrassment that will be for him now. I mean dagro's 5 bedroom coffin is a king compared to rohans car boot coffin. Rohans dead body looked all uncomfortable and distorted.

Then there was turaks boat coffin and going through all the mess and bloody splatter inside the boat, Turaks dead body was laying in bed and his coffin was the boat now. It was a very different kind of coffin crib and a floating kind and turaks coffin crib definitely had a great scenery being among the calm waters and blue skies. I accidently stepped on the bloody gun and machete that was used to kill Turak and make his boat his coffin crib. To be honest I prefer turaks boat coffin crib compared to drago's 5 bedroom coffin crib, and then turaks boat coffin started sinking and I had to get out of there.

Then last of all there was hulans coffin crib and it was the worst one and much worse than rohan's car boot coffin crib. Hulans coffin crib was a bin, a very large bin. Definitely not the kind of coffin that I want when I get killed and murdered. His bin coffin stunk and his body was stabbed and shot up and thrown away like litter, it was disgusting. Hulans coffin crib was by far the worst but the winner for me goes to turaks boat coffin. Each of these coffin cribs were truly different and some were spectacles while others were the opposite.

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