Break in – Short Horror Story

It was one of those sleepless nights. Changing my position every now and then trying to find a sweet spot. Eventually I just gave up as I lied on my stomach. My eyes towards my room's door, I closed my eyes and hoped to fall asleep.

No luck, I'm still stuck here with random thoughts. What will I be doing tomorrow? Will I be having cereal or an egg sandwich for breakfast? I couldn't wait to skip this night and wake up in the morning. Forcing myself to get some shut eye probably isn't helping. Maybe I should go and grab a midnight snack or some milk.

When I opened my eyes, the door was open. A figure obscured by shadows was standing at the doorstep.

Lights were off, it was dark but I could still see…him. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

That's a robber, surely. He just came here to take my valuables and get away as soon as possible right? Lots of thoughts entered my head as I tried not to panic. I took deep breaths as I pretended not to hear him shuffling through my things. I have insurance after all, it'd be just an inconvenience. People get robbed all the time. After a while I stopped hearing the noises. Instead of relief the silence was deafening. Was he gone? I wanted to take a peek.

As I slowly opened my eyes, his met mine.

submitted by /u/DavidTenebris

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