Babysit – Short Horror Story

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I was asked to watchover a couple's daughters as work signalled an emergency.

Being new to the neighborhood, the two story house barely contained personal things that would signify a family.

"Please know how grateful we are. Mrs. Collins said that you're punctual and she's absolutely right."

The rush in the mother's voice evident as we entered the house further. I watched as her and her husband paced back and forth, double checking bags and cases.

"We have two kids."

The man finally spoke while fixing his collar.

"Bree is 15 and she barely leaves the room, you know how teens are but she won't be trouble I promise."

The way he said it unmasked the fear that I might back out so he quickly followed with the introduction of his younger child.

"And Mallory is 8, she might be a little talkative but she's a sweetheart."

I gave a smile in return saying that I couldn't wait to meet them. When everything got settled, the couple was out of the door.

As my eyes surveyed the cerulean walls, Mallory came bouncing down the stairs, and as her dad said, was talkative as ever.

Hours were spent with playing, watching tv, and the occasional updates for their parents.

Mallory shared how she'd often play all alone coz Bree refused.

"She changed…like she's not my sister anymore. We used to play hide and seek but one day she just didn't look for me so I let myself out of the closet and that was the last time I ever hid."

Loneliness was obvious in the air so I assured her that Bree would come around eventually.

Night came and my feet carried me towards Bree's room. I had to raise my voice a little in the vain attempt to rise above the chanting in her room.

Try as hard as I could, I failed to make sense of it and it weirded me out but I simply let it be.

I informed her about dinner but all I got was a disinterested reply.

A sigh left my mouth at that and when the meal was served, it was only Mallory and I who savored it.

I soon found myself occupying the couch when bedtime came. I allowed myself to rest knowing that the parents would arrive by and by.

My peace was suddenly disrupted by a shriek from Mallory's room. I moved in a rush and was soon engulfed in Mallory's embrace as she cried, retelling the nightmare she had.

My back was turned from the bedroom door but felt Bree's presence.

"Mallory what's wrong?"

I heard her let out, a question laced with concern. I was about to answer when she gasped as her feet retreated from the doorway. My body changed its angle just in time to see the horror in her face before she screamed

"That's not my sister!"

Before I could even breathe, I felt the rumble from a deep laughter as claws drove beyond my skin.

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