AITA For Not Wanting A Second IVF Child. – Short Horror Story

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After a long time of being a one child family, I think it's time my wife did IVF treatment to get our second child.

Our first child, who was an IVF baby, is turning eight soon. She's happy, going to school, loving life with her friends. She's got an incredible personality and is just the apple of my eye. But, she's been asking for a baby brother or sister as all her school friends have them.

It's hard saying no and trying to explain, to a seven year old, how it's not possible to have another child.

But, I've seen the light dimming in her eyes everytime I say no. She's becoming despondent. Curling up in front of her electronics, not wanting to go out and socialise and becoming grumpy. It's breaking my heart seeing this happen to my once bubbly child.

So, I've finally caved.

My wife has frozen eggs leftover from the last IVF treatment.

Last night I dug my wife up. I'm hoping, with this post, to find a doctor who can help me?

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