A Soliloquy of Torment – Short Horror Story

In the dim light of the moon, I awake

A tortured soul

Without a way

Tossed out and abandoned by my faith

I lie in wait

Above Father’s place

I swoop down with my fangs laid bare

“Accept your fate”

“Your final resting place”

The blood of a virgin wafts past me

I spot a habit

And follow her to the parish

A cacophony of screams fills the air

As I rip and tear

While the kids scream and stare

I offer them a new way of life

“Come with me”

“Or die here”

In the harsh light of the day, we sleep

Belly full

Of mead and meat

In the dim light of the moon, we awake

Parched and famished

Heading to another parish

submitted by /u/TryHardKenichi

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