A simple introduction – Short Horror Story

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Welcome to the next part of your life.

Very few are fortuitous to receive a letter from me. You, however, I have shown great interest in. Call it, for lack of better words, a cautionary note. Not quite a threat, I assure you.

You already know who I am. No, we have not yet been acquainted, but we will be soon. You see, I have seen her. I know what she is to you.

I am the one who your fellow humans fear the most. I am capable of things beyond your wildest imagination.

I will give you the highest of highs; make your life worth living. I will give you hope. I will give you happiness. Free of charge!

However, once you let your guard down, you will be deep within my control. I will infiltrate your dreams. I will seep into your body. I will drag your emotions so far into hell that your only way out is…well, you decide.

I will be waiting in the shadows, ready to dig my sharp claws into your beating heart. Oh, trust me, there is no way out. I will have you. And I will have her.

Ah, I have not actually revealed myself to you. You do not know my true name, the very name my peers cower from. So instead, I will sign with my well-known pseudonym.

Yours sincerely, Love

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