A Medium at a Funeral – Short Horror Story

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The title explains it all, really; I’m a medium who’s currently sitting in the parking lot of a funeral home. My grandma is inside, thankfully understanding that ‘for some reason or another’ I hate funeral homes and will not come in, even if it’s her sister in laws mother. Hell, it’s not like I knew the woman. She was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for the past how many years, and even treated her daughter like shit. So no harm in me sitting out here, right? Or so I thought.

I haven’t been to a funeral home since I really opened myself up to the spirit world and “became” a medium, and I have to say, it sucks. There are children on the front lawn, a tall man is knocking at my passenger door window, and I can feel people watching me from the home windows. I shouldn’t have let them know I could see them. How can you ignore a child, though?

They’re now surrounding the car, staring at me and making the air feel as if I was in outer space. I try to ignore their eyes as a wave of nausea hits again, but the hairs on the back of my neck and the tapping on the window prove that it’s near impossible to ignore the dead. I want to cry, but that’ll just worry the children, and bring attention to me from the living…and I /really/ don’t want that.

After a half an hour passes, they eventually give up, and leave; the children going back to playing near the big tree, and the adults going to try and bother someone else. I watch as they tap tap tap on other windows, or slowly crawl under, in, and over cars. They call for help, they ask “can you see me”, they mumble over and over.

I’m more than happy when my grandma returns, driving us back home and away from the cesspool. The air lifted, and I felt like my stomach wasn’t carrying a 100 pound baby any longer. I just felt better.

So, look, if you’re a medium, don’t go to a funeral home. It’s better that way…but if you do, don’t let them know you can see them.

submitted by /u/morningglory24

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