2 Minutes and 30 Seconds : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

It was a warm summer night in the German countryside. I lay in my bed, sleeping peacefully. Strangely, my wife was nowhere to be found, but I didn’t mind it at first.

Suddenly, I woke up to the sound of rapid gunshots downstairs. Terrified, I jump off my bed and look for my rifle that I took home as a war trophy. At this moment I am very concerned about my wife’s whereabouts and safety, but it came to me that I must deal with the threat first before finding her.

The gunshots got louder and louder as I descended down the stairs. I quickly check my rifle to see 3 brass bullets visible in it’s chamber, and proceed onwards. I thought to myself that this Kar98k in my hands would surely finish the job without any effort.

As I approach the kitchen, I notice the gunshots are even louder now, and at this point I am confused as to how such a weapon could be using so much ammunition within minutes and not go empty. My heart is beating hard and my sweat is quickly flowing down my face.

This is it. This is my time to defend my home and my wife. I turn around the corner into the kitchen and there I saw it…

A disgusting, pale, skinny monster wearing tattered brown clothes, akin to that of a soldier, matching with a pot-shaped helmet. It’s bright red eyes stared back at me with a horrid look. It then started to walk towards me.

I didn’t think twice but to fire my rifle at the beast until it was dead. and I did.

The creature lay there dead, visibly having 3 large holes in it’s chest. After letting out a big sigh of relief, I lower my rifle and close my eyes.

Out of nowhere, I hear a loud beeping noise in the kitchen, and suddenly look at where it’s coming from. It was our new microwave, clearly finished heating up a fresh batch of popcorn.

I then turn back to the dead monster on the floor, and I dropped my rifle in shock.

My wife’s corpse lay there in the middle of our kitchen, still having 3 fresh bullet wounds in her chest from my old war rifle.

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