Dining with Riley Ch. 01 – Fetish

(Hello all! I believe this is my fifth story here, and my longest yet. I definitely want to continue this, but at the same time, I just wanted to get something out there to gauge interest. Hope you enjoy and stick around for more. Hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to commission me to write for you!)

Kinks: Food Fetish, Public, Cumflation, Femboy, Hyper, Big Dick, Romance, Petite, Graphic Sexual Descriptions Of Food

For a while, I wasn’t sure why Riley didn’t like eating with me. Turns out, he liked it too much.

When I first came across his Tinder user account, he seemed like a pretty standard, cute guy. Bit femboy-ish, with smoother, tan skin. On the cusp of being chubby. He loved tight graphic tees and black yoga pants, even if they showed off his hefty bulge. Did I mention he didn’t like wearing underwear? I figured that out from the pictures. Still amazed they didn’t get taken down. Maybe it was ’cause of that goofy, gap-tooth grin. Or the messy, long brown hair, all the time in his face. And those girly, jiggly hips, that soon-to-be muffin top! God, sorry. I could rant about my boyfriend for hours.

Compared to him, I was a stick. We’d joke about how our body fat was swapped at birth. His chest was the same size as mine, and I have tits! It’s one thing to be flat, but when the guy you’re dating has more bounce than you do, it’s hard not to be self conscious. Riley’s curves were subtle, but far rounder than mine. Jack Skellington was a halloween classic for me. My twiggy wrists and scarecrow torso were made for the role. Maybe that’s why I was so attracted to him: He had a feminine figure with a grapefruit package. I hoped it would fit…I had 7 inches on Riley in terms of height (I’m five foot seven) but the wondered of getting pounded by that thing was, uh, intimidating.

I sent him a chat. Made him laugh. Wish I could’ve heard it — Riley’s giggle could cure cancer. He said he found me attractive too (in a not so subtle, excess-heart-emojis kind of way), and after a few nights of chatting, we decided to meet up. Nothing too crazy, public park, you know the deal. He was even prettier in person. The first thing I noticed was his smell: sweet, like a flower, mixed with a healthy amount of sweat. You should’ve seen how he pranced up to me. Epitome of “cute like a bunny and just as oblivious.” I let him lead me around, vainly trying not to stare at his ass. I couldn’t help myself. His leggings were so far sandwiched between his cheeks, they might as well have been painted on. Still, we had fun. At the end of the day, I gave him a quick peck on the nose and we went our separate methods. Riley later told me how much he dreamed about that kiss.

The next few dates were similar. Public place, a bit of exploring. Watched his plush, hairless arms, that subtle tummy jiggle. Desperately wishing I could see through that neon-red band tee. I listened to his nerdy rants, he listened to me sing. It was a good deal. But I noticed something odd — Riley seemed to have an aversion to eating. Any time I suggested getting a meal, he shook his head and gave a hasty excuse. He wouldn’t even look at the food carts. I clued on quick that something was up, but didn’t wanna spoil the mood. I wound up learning about his kink the hard way, on our fifth date: All because of a chicken sandwich.

It was another sweltering summer day at the local park, and Riley was wearing a sun hat. Don’t know why the hair in his eyes wasn’t shade enough, but I digress. He was pointing at some ducks on the pond. “Ash, look! She has baby ducks behind her! Aww!”

I was rifling through my bag, but gave a quick glance. “Aww, that’s cute. Not as much as you, though.” Excuse my eye-rolling flirtation. I resumed my search and finally found my sandwich. I pulled it out and unwrapped it. The scent of toasted, nutty bread filled the air.

“Oh shut up, you — unfg.” Riley looked back to me and made an odd little groan, biting his pouting, glossy lip. At first, I wondered his attention was on my crotch.

I furrowed my brow. “Riley, hey. You good?” I glanced around, mildly embarrassed. His moan sounded sexual. What if someone saw us?

He seemed to snap out of it. “Oh! Um, yeah. Sorry. It’s just. Uh.” I knew he was trying to look at me. But every time, his gaze went straight back to the food between my legs.

I realized what he was staring at. “Ah. Want a bite? It’s a chicken lettuce sandwich.” I offered it to him. “The bread’s whole grain, the chicken’s got some –“

“Ughhh.” Suddenly, his eyes scrunched up, and his knees pressed together. Riley hid his face beneath the brim of his sunhat. “I’m, I’m…” He waved away the sandwich. “I’m good.” His hand was shaking.

By now I knew he was acting odd. I glanced around one last time and whipped out my phone. It’s dorky, but texting in-person is a good way to whisper.

Ash: Are you sure ur ok? Ur acting kinda horny lol

Riley followed suit. He had a hard time keeping his eyes on his phone.


I tried to find out if he was okay. Was this serious?

Ash: Tell me what??

Riley leaned his head back and sighed. His cheeks were cherry.

Riley: Okay don’t laugh!! :((

I smiled.

Ash: I wont!

He gulped. He looked over his shoulder. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead. Riley started furiously typing.

Riley: Okay so i kinda have a food fetish and i don’t mean i like foodplay during sex i mean i just think food is really hot?? Like eating and talking about it REALLY gets me going and i really have a issue in public now cause i dont even have to touch myself anymore i just look at it or smell it or TASTE it and i have a orgasm and it can happen REALLY FAST and its super embarrassing but thats why i dont like eating food around u cause i dont wanna be weird but at the same time its hot and i really like you a lot so please dont take this the wrong way i just have a really invasive kink and i hope thats okay ;((( 3333

After scanning through the wall of text, I gave Riley an “are you for real” look. I pointed at the sandwich and mouthed “this?”

Riley nodded. It was only now I realized he was visibly salivating. As drool dripped from his mouth and onto his lap, I noticed his crotch — saliva, sweat, and another musky-smelling fluid made a dark, damp stain on his pants, now bulging upwards and twitching lightly. I started feeling flushed as well.

Ash: Okay, that’s cool. Kinda sexy ngl

Riley gave me a hopeful look.

Riley: Really?? Ur cool with it?

I wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

Ash: Of course. I *am* hungry though. 😉

He giggled, and awkwardly leaned into me. After a bit more duck gazing, I noticed Riley looking around again. He texted me one last time.

Riley: Why dont u eat then?

I raised my eyebrows. He nodded, gulping and licking his lips. Shrugging, I got to work.

Picking up the sandwich off my lap, I realized the power I held over Riley. This was teasing him, edging him. I couldn’t just begin munching without any tact. First, I just held it in the air between us. I leisurely wafted the sandwich around, letting the smell creep into his nostrils. He shuddered, and sighed contentedly. I brought it to my face, and gently dragged it beneath my nose. I stared deep into his amber eyes and teased him similarly. Riley’s eyes fluttered as he softly moaned, and stuck his tongue out to catch the crust. I whisked it away.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Not yet, Riley. Don’t be greedy.” I winked, shaking my head.

He whimpered, clenching his legs. Riley tried to hide the spreading stain with his hands, but I could already see it seeping out beneath them.

I put the sandwich back in front of my mouth and lightly licked it’s sides, flitting and flicking against leafs of lettuce. I danced along it’s crust and collected mayonnaise on the tip of my tongue, sticking it out towards Riley. Then, I delicately pulled my red, slimy muscle back into my mouth and swallowed. He was overwhelmed. Soft little sighs became lengthy, breathy murmurs, attracting attention from passersby. I glared at him, nodding towards those around us. Riley blushed harder and did his best to keep quiet, pressing a hand to his lips. But his thighs were tensing. His back kept arching. The stain had reached his waistband, and his remaining palm couldn’t keep his cock at bay. It clamped around his thick, pulsing shaft and tried to stop the flow, but his hand could barely fit around it. The outline of his cockhead was becoming slick and shiny.

We both knew what was coming next. I brought my face within inches of his. I gently opened my mouth as wide as I could, and brought a corner of the sandwich into my hot, humid maw. I stared Riley down. He was panting and squirming uncontrollably. Slowly, but firmly, I forced my teeth through the crunching crust and crackling lettuce, the tender, supple meat oozing with juices. Riley oozed as well: A bit more violently, though. His hips bucked upwards off the bench, and a high, girly moan rang across the lake. A thick, creamy stream erupted through his ruined pants. He thrusted out again and again, squirting out rope after rope. Riley glazed every blade of grass before us with salty dew, globs of cum making the shimmering water ripple before they sank beneath the surface. His fervent, curving figure was an orgasmic silhouette in the sun. I watched his climax slow, his muscles relax. I watched his legs as they wobbled out beneath him, and caught his body in my arms.

It was very romantic, looking back at it. I didn’t even realize how many people were staring, or how many photos they took. I ended up bringing Riley back to my place, a nice open apartment. He was still unconscious, and didn’t have a car of his own. I was going to let him sleep on my bed, but, well. This next part could be construed as…non-consensual, but you have to figure out: This boy came a gallon, maybe more. All through his pants. I wasn’t ready to let all that soak into my bed (or, at least, wasn’t ready for it yet.) So, I propped him up in a chair, and peeled off the leggings still glued to him with spunk. If the smell of a chicken sandwich could make Riley leak, the scent of his seed was my equivalent. The overpowering aroma from his clothes and nethers was pure sex. Rich, pungent sex. It felt like a cloud of pheromones went up my nose and engulfed my brain, fogging everything up. The only thing that guided me through the sultry mist was a tanned, gleaming cock.

I couldn’t help but stare. It was soft now, but that almost made it better. It was a hairless, silky smooth, caramel sausage, thick and squishy. Only the faintest traces of veins decorated it, none of them protruding. It was like his body stored fat in his dick. And it made it oh so round. His flesh turned chocolate near the tip, and hid a huge cockhead behind a thin rose of foreskin. Beneath it was an auburn, velvety sack, lightly shifting and sagging of its own accord. The girthy balls it contained rested heavily between his thighs. Its skin stretched tight at their apex, but a majority was left wrinkled and sagging, just as relaxed as their owner. It too, was hairless. I couldn’t believe how large it was. Riley’s bulge was all the time an eye-catcher, but to see it nude…I was feeling hungry myself. It wasn’t even hard. Flaccid, it was half the length of my forearm, nearly seven inches. About as thick, too. His testicles overflowed from my palms, a pair of oranges with the heft of baseballs.

I understood Riley’s difficulty in keeping his eyes off my food. I continued to gawk as I lifted his body up, an arm behind his back and another beneath his warm, lush thighs. I caught every tiny jiggle as I laid him down in bed, and bid the sight farewell as I covered him with a blanket. I was sad hiding it away, but I figured he’d want to be modest. Still, there was an obvious mound beneath the cloth — as modest as a donkey-dicked femboy could be, I suppose. I left my bedroom and shut the door behind me, giving him privacy. I needed some of my own. Any more of him and I’d be addicted.

He was asleep for nearly 6 hours afterwards, and muttered the whole time. I didn’t feel as lonely hearing him mumble through the wall.

“Mfgh. Sesame bun…toasted, hehe…”

“Ash you…shh, you don’t have to do that…”

“But…what about the ducks? Okay…”

I found it adorable. I even recorded one or two snippets. Eventually, I heard some shuffling from within the room, and gave the door a knock.

“Hey Riley, you awake?”

A yawn. “…Ugh. Ash, is that you? Where…”

“I brought you back to my place. You passed out.” I leaned against the door, looking down at my feet. “Hope you don’t mind. Do you remember what happened?”

He spoke after a beat of silence. “Oh my gosh, I-I thought it was a dream!” I heard a thump and a muffled shriek. Sounded like he was screaming into my pillow.

“Hey, hey! Don’t worry about it, uh,” I tapped the door behind me. “I liked it, actually. Both the food thing and the public part.”

More silence. Then, a voice, less muffled. “Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, yeah. I…think you’re really sexy, Riley. Your body, your kinks. Plus, you’re pretty damn cute, so that’s a plus.”

“Aww, Ash.” It’s not often you hear someone blush. “You’re too sweet. I think you’re sexy too. And kind, and nice and, uhm, everything else.”

“Shush. Do you need anything? Water, clothes…?”

I heard a bed sheet get tossed to the side and footsteps approach the door. Before I could brace my weight against something else, it opened, letting me fall backwards — Riley caught me this time.

“What about a hug?” He smiled down at me toothily.

My face was on fire. “Uh, yeah. I can do that.” I regained my footing and stood back up. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and my thoughts remained above his waist. At least, until something throbbed against me. Riley sniffed the air next to my ear. I heard his breath tremble. “Ash, did you, uh, cook something?”

I patted him on the back, then slid my hand down to his still-nude cheeks. My fingers sunk into his soft, pillowy ass. “Psh, you think I can make something that good? I ordered chinese food, it got here a bit ago.”

He gasped in my ear. “You wouldn’t. Again?”

“It certainly feels you’re ready for round two.” I grinded my pelvis against him, feeling Riley grow. My groin was pulsing.

“F-fine.” He stepped back, and so did I. The empty space between us was quickly occupied by his heaving erection, rising against its weight. It grew longer and fatter, throb by throb. The once featureless surface was now beginning to ripple and thicken with veins, texturing his shaft with ridges and valleys. I couldn’t wait to feel them all inside me. I watched his foreskin stretch tighter and tighter as his head expanded, ’till it could barely conceal the purple fist inside it. His balls shifted and churned within their sack — they seemed to swell with seed. Hopefully, all of it would be painting my insides soon. Erect, his hazel sausage was the size of my forearm, and far wider in diameter. A soda can wasn’t an accurate comparison: He was nearly as girthy as my calf. I wasn’t sure any part of him would actually fit inside me…But I just had to try.

“Can we go see the food now?” Riley asked, hiding his hands behind his back. He stared down at his feet. Somehow, even with the rock-hard pillar of meat between his legs, he still managed to look cute.

“What’s the magic word?” I teased. I grabbed his tip by the foreskin, hooking my thumb beneath it and gently pulling upwards.

Riley whimpered in pleasure. His legs crossed. “P-Please?”

“Good boy.” I gave him an approving smile. Still holding onto his dick, I guided him into the kitchen using his cock like a leash, and sat him down in a chair. I made a show of slowly walking over to the styrofoam take-out box, steam pouring out from under its lid. I picked it up and grabbed a fork, speaking in a breathy voice as I approached. “This is pork lo mein. The meat’s marinated for hours in a tangy, spicy sauce, ’till it falls apart like cotton candy in your mouth. Its juices soak into the golden, silky noodles and tender, sweet vegetables…does that sound tasty, baby?”

Both Riley and his cock were drooling, making a mess of his shirt. His thighs rubbed against his balls. “Mm-hm,” he nodded desperately.

“Alright, then.” I carefully opened the box and revealed his meal. He got a faceful of the rich, savory smell, and gripped his seat tightly as he fought to control himself. The pork’s glistening singe marks, the twisting, curling noodles. Every green was an emerald amidst a sea of gold and bronze. “Does that look good, Riley? How does it smell?”

He nearly coated the food with his own creamy sauce. Pre spurted from his tip like a leaky park fountain, covering the underside of the box as well as the back of my hand It was sticky, dense and steaming. I heard it fall onto the hardwood floor, every glob a small, wet splat. I don’t think he even noticed. All he could do was pant and wipe the saliva from his mouth, waiting like a dog about to receive a bone. “It looks, unf, it smells so good, Ash.” He writhed in his seat, legs quaking and arms tensing. “Can I please have a bite?”

“Since you asked so politely.” I took the fork and methodically began to twirl the noodles around it. I sunk its tines into a succulent steamed carrot and scooped up a piece of slow-cooked pork, the meat falling aside as I lifted it from the box. I gingerly brought the perfect parcel of food to Riley’s pouting, dripping lips. “Say ‘ah’.”

“Ahhh,” he quavered. Riley opened his mouth and exposed his pretty little tongue and the dorky gap between his two front teeth. I felt like I was about to give him a facial. His eyes crossed, watching the fork enter his mouth. Then they rolled back. Riley’s body shook as he smothered a high, sound of ecstasy behind his sealed lips. His weighty cock shot milky, clear slime up in the air. It arched, then sailed back down, landing straight on my face. Against my better judgment, I let it sit there and soak into my pores while Riley voraciously cleaned the fork with his tongue. Mine was outstretched as his semen trailed down my face and into my mouth, giving me a meal of my own. It was delicious. Strong and salty, melting on my tongue and glazing everything it touched. Its density made it hard to swallow, but I managed to down it. I could feel its weight settle at the bottom of my gut.

I let Riley have the fork as I wiped his excess from my eyes, and reached out to him with a cum-coated hand. “Mind cleaning this for me too?”

He refocused his eyes and grabbed onto my wrist without a second wondered. Riley looked dazed, empty-headed. All that drove him was pure, horny hunger. He shoved my fingers in his mouth, and I felt his strong, wriggling tongue work its way between them. The, wet mass of muscle bathed my hand in his spit, and the feeling alone was enough to get me weak in the knees. Once I finally pulled free, silvery, shimmering strands dangled from the tips of my fingers, connecting to his lips. He gave me a doe-eyed, half-lidded stare from beneath his long, messy hair. His jaw hung open, limp and hungrily. He and I both needed more.

I handed Riley the box and the fork. “Control yourself now. Wait till I say go.” He whined in protest, but forced himself to be patient. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled upwards, disrobing. I gave the antsy boy a wink as I unhooked my bra, exposing my bare chest. I cupped my tiny tits and massaged them, letting out a few pleasured noises of my own. “Like what you see, baby? Wanna coat me in more of that sweet, sweet cum of yours?”

Riley rubbed the takeout box along his shaft, bumping it on every vein. He nodded. I sank to my knees in front of him, placing myself between his sweating, meaty thighs. I took his rod into my hands. I was barely able to wrap my fingers around it. Some of its fatty softness still lingered, but now, it was firm and rigid. Uncompromising. I traced my fingers around the wavy rose of skin on its tip, getting them slimy again. It would’ve been clever to give him a hand job — but I needed something in my mouth too. I felt like I was putting my face in front of a gun, staring down the barrel of his cock. I loosened my jaw. I held it open as far as I could. I put my lips to his head, and then…I pushed. The sides of my mouth stretched farther and farther aside as I forced it against them. His precum was lube enough, but I still felt like I was going to split. Then, with a wet, squelching pop, the crown of his head slid beneath my teeth and lodged itself inside me.

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