School Tinder

First time writing let me know how it was)

To begin I’m your average school kid, 19 m, 6’2 about 240 with a muscular create. I had just started my job as a bouncer at one of the bars downtown, and my first night was dragging on. While I was in the basement, I’ll saw I had a new match on tinder, she was a redhead, blue eyes, and cute face. Most of my matches don’t go anywhere but we started off with some small talk during the last few hours of the night before I got off the clock. As the night wrapped up, we flirted more over text until I got home.

I was edging myself in bed when she told me to come over, and I instantly felt the rush through my body. She lived in a sorority house, (professional sorority so no housemom) and I hopped in my car and drove over. She told me to wait outside, not to wake her roommates until she could open the door. She opened the door, wearing tight spandex and a bra to show her curvy body. I’d guess she was about 5’10, with an amazing ass and tits. We walked to her room and I immediately layed in her bed while admiring her body.

She layed next too me, and I draped my arm around her and gently rubbed her nipple through her bra. I could sence her nipples getting harder by the slight touch. My cock was sim hard, enough to see an outline through my grey sweatpants. I caught her looking at it and said,”I guess the movies not interesting huh.” She instantly blushed, and without hesitation I reached my arm around, grabbed her and started kissing. She had soft lips, that felt smooth and her tongue matched with mine as we kissed. I moved my hand up and down her body feeling every inch of her skin. She seemed shy at first, so I took her hand and put it on top of my sweats. I could tell she liked it as her tongue got more aggressive and starting rubbing up and down my hard cock. At this point she was on top straddling me, but I decided it was my turn. I flipped her over on her back and grabbed her throat while kissing her. I slid my hand into her spandex and felt how wet and tight her pussy was. She moaned and her eyes rolled back when I rubbed her clit.

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit, I stood up and pulled off her spandex. She had a fat pussy, the type that you want to rest your face on. I took off my pants and she immediately said don’t forgot the condom. I guess she wasn’t feeling the oral but that’s for tonight.

I pinned her legs back and slowly rubbed my cock on her. She begged my to put it in and I did, making her feel every inch. She moaned even more when I chocked her, and whispering in her ear made her go crazy. After a few minutes of slow passionate sex I threw her into doggy and spit on her pussy. I grabbed her hair with one hand and arm with the other and pounded away for god knows how long. Her ass rippled with every stroke and I could feel myself getting close. She told me to cover her back and I did just that. I ripped off the condom and sprayed line after line across her back and ass.

Afterwards we cleaned up, kissed goodbye and went home to rest. We have plans tonight and if you guys like the story I’ll make one for tonight.

NSFW: yes

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