Role Play 1. [M24/M30] [CNC] [Gay.]

“How about CNC role play?” I asked. “You are a ruthless boss. I’m your personal assistant slash slave. I did something wrong and you decide to blackmail me for sex or something like that.”

“You have a sinful mind, darling.” He said and I flushed. “Your safe word is phoenix. If you are stuffed or gagged, tap two times on any object and I will stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Without further reply, he took my hands and guided me to our play room. I already wore suspenders because I knew I could convince him for this. He went inside and shut the door. I looked at it for a moment and then knocked on it before schooling my features.

“Come in.” I heard his muffled voice say.

“You called me, sir.” I entered the room and closed the door. He sat in the beige leather chair, reading a file. He looked up at me, his expression blank.

“Did you swap the files to be sent to the EBA and EAB companies?” He asked, his voice dangerously low, and my dick jumped.

I gave him a sheepish look. “I might have done that.” His eyes narrowed. “Their names were nearly identical and yesterday you gave me a whole ton of work. I was stressed and may not have seen their names properly.” The last few words were barely a whisper.

“So, you are telling me that you have been a lazy ass?”

“Hey, I am not lazy. Yesterday, I washed your coffee-spilled shirt as if I was your housemaid, and made a run to the grocery stores for your condom refill in addition to writing a million reports and replying to a billion emails. I am allowed to do a mistake.” A small smirk appeared on his lips.

“Aren’t you exaggerating things a bit?” He asked. “I should’ve just fired you instead of hearing your ramblings.”

I grinned at him. “If the thought even crossed your mind, you would have done it before I stepped into your office, not just given me empty threads. And…” I paused dramatically. “I don’t think you would fire me.” I blabbered some more. He kept up his act even though I knew he wanted to laugh.

“God, do you never shut up?” He questioned as I rambled on.

“Only when I am stuffed.” I replied cheekily. His eyes flared with fire, and then he smirked evilly. I knew he had got a perfect opening, and it upped my anticipation of what was about to come.

“I think that can be arranged. Come here.” He beckoned, and I went warily. At least on the outside. Inside, I was beaming. “Kneel.”


“I said kneel.” I opened my mouth to protest and closed it when he gave me a hard look. I lowered myself.

“Now what?” Without replying, he opened his zipper and pulled his hard, pulsing cock out. My eyes bulged at the long and thick cock. Purple veins were jutting out and my mouth watered. I shook my head and backed away in horror, getting back into character. “Whoa. Whoa. What the fuck, man?”

“I am going to stuff you, just like you suggested.” He said, smugly.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I don’t care what you meant or not. You are going to suck my cock or I am going to fire you.” A fresh wave of arousal coursed through me at his words.

“You won’t do that.” I said, my voice a bit shaky.

“I can and I will.” He took a paper out of a file and waved it in front of my face. “I had typed your termination letter the moment I heard what you had done. However, chose to give you a shot. I think I will sign it.”

“I… I will do it.” My eyes dropped to his cock, and I gulped. Finally, I am gonna get his dick. He motioned to come closer, and I went. As he came near my mouth, I turned my head. “Please, sir. You know I have a boyfriend.”

“Okay, fine. I will just fire you.” He replied.

“No, no. Don’t do that.” I faced his cock. My hands shook slightly as I wrapped them around his monstrous member. He groaned as I gave it a rough stroke. I physically ached to put it inside my mouth, but refrained. The more the struggle, the better it will be. I stroked it up and down, spreading the pre-cum from the head to the entire hard length, giving it a smooth glide. I looked up to discover him watching me.

“Put your mouth on me.” His green eyes had darkened with lust. I shook my head and watched as my denial fueled him more. Quick as a viper, he got a grip on my blonde hair and yanked. “Whether you like it or not, you will do it. And don’t you dare come before I say so.”

“I won’t even get hard.” I scowled.

“Let’s see about that. Now open your damn mouth.” I complied.

My eyes watered at his hard grip on my hair as he guided his cock into my open mouth. I groaned at the salty and bitter taste of him. His cock stretched my mouth completely. He gave me a little more time to let me get used to it before pushing it farther into my throat, causing me to gag. Then, he reached out and caressed the spot where we were united.

“Look at you, taking my cock like a greedy little cocksucker.” He muttered, his every word sending a jolt through my dick. I glared at him like the words had insulted me and he laughed. So, I gave him a finger, and as expected it infuriated him.

He had a possessive hold on my hair and shoved in me repeatedly with his massive cock, pushing deeper each time. I attempted to accommodate it, even with my eyes overflowing, but was unable to, so I continued to choke while he used my mouth. The thick length passed through my lips, over my tongue, and down to the arch of my throat. I groaned at having my mouth used.

“The door is unlatched, you know. Anyone would come inside and see you on your knees. They will see you sucking on my cock and getting off on it.” Orgasm barreled into me like a bullet train and I couldn’t have stopped it even if someone paid me a million dollars. His cock fell out of my mouth and I slumped on his thighs. I came down from the high a lot longer than usual. I mean, it’s expected after the most powerful orgasm of my life. “Did I say you could come?”

I looked up to discover his eyes burning with fury. Then his words sank in. Holy shit. I came despite him not giving orders. “I couldn’t control it.”

“First, you fuck up files, then you disobey me. Maybe I should fire you.” He shook his head in disappointment and my heart sank. Shit, I should’ve controlled it.

“Please, sir. I just couldn’t stop it with all the dirty talk.” I pleaded.

“Still, I am not satisfied at all.” He pointed to his standing cock.

“I will finish you.” I went to put his cock back into my mouth, but he pulled it away and slapped my cheeks with it.

“Not interested in finishing in your mouth now.”

“Can I use my hands?” I asked.

“Want your ass.” He demanded.

“I won’t let you use my ass.” I shouted, trying to back away from him, but he had a hold on my suspenders and used it to pull me closer to him. He leaned in, our mouths barely an inch aside. I had to restrain myself from fusing our lips together.

“Don’t you want this job?”

“Fuck the job.” I yelled in his face, and his smile turned feral.

“I will make sure you never get another job.” He paused for effect. “Even at a damn coffee shop.”

“You wouldn’t.” My mouth wobbled as I whispered those words with a great struggle.

“I will.” He took my lips in a bruising kiss and I pushed at his shoulders, uselessly attempting to dislodge him. His mouth was insistent, his tongue probing and seeking entrance. His hands left my suspenders, and I felt them wrap around my wrists, holding me in place as he ravished my mouth. It ignited a fire within me that burned hotter and brighter with each passing moment. He ended the kiss too quick for my liking.

“Please don’t do this.” I said, breathing heaving.

“Stand up.” He said, paying no heed to my begging. I did as he told. He pulled my suspenders lightly and send them propelling towards me. It hit my nipples. I hissed at the sensation and rubbed my poor nubs. “Strip.” I made an indignant protest, but he simply raised a brow and waited.

“Hate you.” I spat, as I divested my clothes. He smirked but didn’t reply. His eyes roamed over my body and as my cock grew half-hard under his gaze, I quickly covered my private part. He shook his head and clucked his tongue in disapproval.

“Wish I had a tie on me. I would’ve tied those defying hands behind your back and had my way with you.” I shivered hearing those words and yearned to be bound by him. “Tie your hands back, Jeremiah.” When I didn’t move even a bit, he yanked my hands forcefully and made me keep them behind my back. Then he sat back and eyed my cock with such a hunger that it swelled to full mast. He gave a little chuckle. “You just came and are raring to go again. I bet it’s not like this with your boyfriend.”

“Fuck you.”

“I will be the one doing the fucking, Jeremiah. Now, bend over this desk and show me the hole I will be fucking.”

Hope you liked my work.

NSFW: yes

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