Work Relations Pt. 1 [F26][Solo][Masturbation][Slow Burn]

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I was all the time pushed by my father to study hard and achieve what he wondered to be acceptable grades. His views all the time differed from my mother’s, but they were both incredibly supportive in their own methods. It goes without saying that when I turned 21, completed my Bachelor of Nursing at university then was accepted into one of the most prestigious hospitals in our city within 6 months, both my parents were ecstatic.

I’m now 26 and I’ve enjoyed the work life the hospital has provided for me thus far, working with the same team of people for the entirety of my career. Over my 5 years with them, they have begun to feel a lot more like a family rather than colleagues as I’ve gotten to know most of them on a professional and personal level.

It was only natural that when one of our beloved team members was moving on from our close-knit unit, we celebrated our time with them at our favourite bar together. It was all the time an enthusiastic night with undertones of sadness knowing that it was their last night as a member of our family. This would undoubtedly be the same for our latest exiting member, Liz who had been with the team well before my joining.

It was coming to the end of Liz’s final shift with us on an unusually slow Friday afternoon. I was just finishing up what paperwork I could while I had the chance before my shift came to an end.

“Hey, Amber!” My attention was pulled from my work hearing a familiar voice calling my name.

I turned to face the source of the voice, happy to see that my recognition of voice was right. I was unable to stop the smile from forming on my lips when I saw Eli, another resident of my team approaching me with a gestured point to his wrist like to inform me of the time.

Eli was a good 5 years older than I was but had joined our team a year after I did. He was well liked by everyone in our female dominated team, and for good reason. With a single glance it was easy to tell he was an attractive man even if he didn’t seem to realise it, himself. He was gifted with a taller stature being well over six feet tall, a slim but athletic looking create, a confidently straight posture coupled with broad shoulders, short, mousy blonde hair that slightly curled making it forever neat, piercing blue eyes like the ocean and a masculine, shapely facial structure that looked straight out of a Hollywood movie.

“Knock off was 5 minutes ago, you know? You’ve already worked hard enough as it is today, and we’d all be mad if you showed up late to Liz’s farewell tonight.” Eli informed me with a slight smile on his face.

Besides the way he looked, Eli had a way of making people feel good with few words. All the older women on my team would dream about him dating their daughters if not themselves and I was no exception to his charm. I had often found myself exchanging glances with him during our workdays and was unable to stop myself from feeling like a teenager with a crush.

Relax Eli, I’ll be sure to be there before the drinks start flowing.” I respond in a teasing manner.

Eli chuckled to himself as he turned, walking back down the hall in which he came with a gestured wave over his shoulder, “Perfect, I’ll need someone to throw a shot back with when everyone starts crying from the farewells.”

I snicker to myself before returning my attention to my work, completing the finishing touches with a smile of my face from the interaction.

After a short drive home, I was forced to change my appearance from my usual work manner into something more presentable for a bar. I all the time enjoyed nights like this, everyone presenting themselves in a fashion other than solid-coloured scrubs was all the time a brilliant way to get a glimpse of each other’s personal life.

It took longer than expected to decide on the nights outfit. There was need for a delicate balance of dressing to impress but also not overdoing it to be the offices gossip topic for months to come. After careful consideration, I eventually decided with one of my favourite black cocktail dresses. The dress all the time did a great job at accentuating my curved 5’4″ figure, hugging my small waist enough to show the results of all my gym sessions of my developed lower body. It had just enough cut on the chest to show the presence of my C-cup breasts without flaunting them too much. I found black all the time suited me best, matching with my long, brown, wavy hair and my naturally olive-toned skin. I tied my hair up into a chignon bun, applied my favourite, red-shaded lipstick along with some lightly applied eye shadow and strapped on some thin black heels before heading to the bar.

The evening at the bar was as enjoyable as usual. Staff from numerous departments showed up to celebrate Liz’s long career. I mostly kept within my own team, venturing out occasionally to speak with other nurses that I would cross paths with at shift change. Throughout the night, there was more than one occasion I caught the glance of Eli, noticing his eyes exploring my outfit or perhaps imagining what was underneath. The few times I caught him looking me over, I only responded with a sly smile as I wanted him to know he was caught but wasn’t discouraging the behaviour by any means. I was also not innocent of sneaking the odd glance at Eli in his navy-blue suit that fitted him in a way to make it look tailored specifically to his physique.

The night was going by, and the farewells had just begun as some gradually began to call it a night. I was leaning on the end of the bar, watching those who had clearly made good use of the bar tab and were now overly social. I then saw an arm wrap around me from behind, holding a shot glass of an unknown liquor. I sighed gently with a smile as I turned to see Eli behind me holding a shot glass of his own.

“No one is even crying yet.” I told him slightly raising an eyebrow.

Eli rotated his head around the room with a pondering look on his face.

“I’m pretty sure I saw Evelynn wipe a tear from her eye earlier.” He looked at me with his boyish grin, barely hiding the fact he was grasping at straws.

I couldn’t contain the snicker as I willingly took the shot glass from his hand. He raised his slightly, eyes locked onto mine.

“To Liz.” He said in a soft, husk tone.

“Yes. To Liz.” I replied, meeting his gaze without diversion.

We both drank our shots while looking at each other in the corners of our eyes. I flinched at the strength of the mystery shot whereas Eli’s face barely changed from a smile. We both laughed at each other in an attempt to lighten the obvious tension that formed from our prolonged eye contact.

The night was coming to an end and the last remaining patrons were giving their best wishes to Liz. I still stood by the bar alongside Eli, watching the night wind down.

“One hell of a run she had, huh?” Eli said with a smile, looking outward towards Liz who sobbed along with other colleagues.

I nodded with a small hum in agreeance as I wiped a forming tear from my eye, not able to muster words feeling a little choked up. I looked up at Eli as I felt his eyes on me. Seeing my eyes watering, he gave a slight exhale through his nose as he smiled. Reaching out, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, holding onto me gently as he pulled me into his comforting embrace. I instinctively leaned my head to the side, resting it on his firm chest as we watched the night close together.

I felt comfortable as I rested on him, my nose filled with his masculine scent. Not able to pinpoint the aroma, figuring it was his natural smell as opposed to one that he had added. The newly found scent stirred something inside of me, making me feel a new feeling over the usual crush I was used to. The smell gave me an odd, overwhelming sense of attraction and desire for Eli, one that I was not used to and admittedly took me by surprise.

The celebration had reached an end, and everyone had gathered outside to meet their respective rides home. I stood with Eli as we both were waiting for our Ubers to arrive. I held my hands across my body, hugging myself as I failed to predict such a drop in temperature. Eli recognised this and slid his suit jacked off his shoulders before wrapping it around mine. I looked up at him with a surprised look and without exchanging any words, we smiled warmly at each other conveying our delight to have ended the night side by side.

Our Ubers arrived and being the gentleman that Eli all the time was, he opened the door and helped me into my ride to see me off despite his arriving first. The ride home was one of the strangest I’ve ever had. With Eli’s jacket still around my shoulders, his familiar musk filled my nose. My mind tracing back to standing at the bar, being held in his strong yet gentle embrace, the comfort I felt in his arms and of course the desire I felt to be his.

Later that same night, I had showered and found myself in bed staring up at my ceiling. Unable to sleep at all from what I wanted to believe was the drinks still affecting my head, but I soon came to terms with the true reason why I could not sleep. Eli was still on my mind and was clearly there to stay.

I was unable to keep my legs still, feeling my bare thighs rubbing together repeatedly and my cotton panties steadily growing a wet patch between them. Eventually, I gave into the temptation knowing my night was doomed otherwise. I pulled my second pillow under my covers, folding it between my legs and resting it on the fabric of my panties. Holding it steadily with one hand between my thighs, my hips began to grind back and forth along the fold of my pillow. My breathing became heavier and more unsteady as I felt the quivers in my hips while rubbing myself on my pillow. My thoughts becoming more infatuated with the memory of being held in Eli’s arms.

In a time where my mind was controlled purely by lust, my judgement failed me as I reached off the side of my bed to my desk chair nearby. There, I grabbed hold of Eli’s jacket I had draped across the back of it pulling it to my bed with me. I kicked my pillow to the bottom of my bed with my feet as I bunched up the jacket on my pillow, burying my face into it with a sharp, deep inhale.

After a few seconds of taking in Eli’s scent, the feelings of being in his arms felt real enough to fool me in my dazed state. My hips seemed to be moving back and forth on their own while my hand slid over my stomach and grasped at my breast over my tank top. I rubbed my breast firmly as I continued to breath heavily, taking in the smell of Eli with every breath. It was not long until my hand released my breast in a swift and desperate movement, sliding my fingers under the lining of my panties and cupping my hand around my already lubricated vagina.

My fingers moved back and forth, rubbing myself thoroughly causing my fingers to become coated in my leaking fluids. I pressed my two middle fingers down a little harder as I rubbed, using them to part my labia around them in passing. Unable to stop, I continued to take Eli’s smell into my lungs while my fingers quickened inside my panties. Finding my clitoris with my middle finger, I pressed it slightly as I rolled it around in slow circles. The sound of muffled, whimpering moans echoed in my room as I let myself make pleasure filled sounds into his jacket.

I felt the heat rising in my body by the second as my mind thought into what could have been. The memory of being held by Eli at the bar turn to leading him into the bathroom of the bar where he would pin me against the wall, and we would exchange a passionate kiss. It then turned to him getting in the Uber along with me, only so we could swiftly fondle each other inside in the back seat and explore our bodies under our attire. I eventually envisioned bringing him back to my house where he would lay on top of me right where I was in my bed, taking me and my body in an exchange of pure pleasure.

Without even thinking about my movements, I had laid on my back with Eli’s jacket draped across my nose and mouth. My two middle fingers had since pushed themselves through my saturated labia and inside my lubricated canal. My fingers were already dragging through, back and forth while curling upwards inside myself as I massaged my most sensitive spots. My other hand had slid under my tank top, grasping at my breast firmly as my hardened nipple rolled under my palm.

I could not stop my hips from bucking and twitching as I felt the pleasure of imagining my colleague take me in every way. My eyes widened as my moans turned to fast, sharp, gasping inhales while my body convulsed. Trying to stop my eyes from rolling as my legs quivered and my hips rolled in rhythm with my rubbing fingers, I barely managed to squeeze out any words as my jaw dropped open.

“Eli… Yes.” I said outwards through my gasps as I let out a long, loud groan of pleasure as my entire body shook with ecstasy.

My body took it’s time in calming itself, twitching and quivering from head to toe as I puffed and panted myself back to relaxation. my hands dropping on my bed either side of me, I could feel the large wet patch that had formed on my panties and spread across my inner thighs. Feeling too exhausted to move any further, I closed my eyes slowly as Eli’s jacket remained lying across my nose and mouth. Eli’s scent filling me with every calming breath I took until my mind finally emptied and I drifted off into one of the deepest sleeps I had in a long time.

NSFW: yes

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