Wife wanted to see my give a BJ

The first part of this is real the second is her fantasy.

When we were in late 20’s early 30’s

We having fun You know I was eating her pussy and tong fucking her ass. I got her to cum mutable times so she said she would peg me. After I came a few times she said you know the real thing is a lot better. She told me she wanted to see me suck some guys dick. I said only if he fucks you first so I can taste tour pussy and not his dick. She said ok but only if he fucks you all so after you give him a BJ. So I told her to discover a guy with a big dick. Real life she changed her mind a few days later.

Her fantasy.

She found a guy with a 10 inch dick. I loved seining him fuck her with it, seining his balls slap her ass.

I think she came 5 or 6 times. and all that cum in her pussy was so hot, She said your turn I never sucked any one before so it took a bit before I could get all 10 inches in then he fucked my face. I think my wife came a few more times seeing that. He puled out a bit so he could cum in my mouth and not down my throat There was a shit load of cum I opened my mouth to show my wife then slowed it. I started to eat all the cum from my wires pussy with my ass in the air god that dick did feel better then the 12 inch dildo. after what seemed like hours he had the biggest load of cum in my ass. My wife told him to eat it out of my ass. I real don’t know how many times I came and I never seen my wires clit that big. I think she must of squirted 10 or more times when I was eating her out.

Be for any one ask yes I like a dildo in my ass but not a tracked to men. I guess I’m not BI.

NSFW: yes

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