Wife and I at work Conference – Part 2

After our morning in the gym and my time in the sauna with John talking about my wife Nicole, I headed back to my room where Nicole was in the shower cleaning up. We had decided that we would check out the local town and do some window shopping and wandering. We spent the day checking out local shops and then headed back to the room to relax before we headed down to the hotel bar. While we were in the room I mentioned to Nicole that after she left the gym, the older guy and I started chatting.

I told Nicole he was a divorced 70 year old man, and very nice and easy to talk to. I told Nicole “I think he actually liked you a lot”. He kept checking you out, and looking at your ass. Nicole laughed it off and said “he actually wasn’t too bad looking himself, especially for being 70”. I didn’t tell Nicole about the sauna incident, or the fact that John would likely be at the bar. But, thoughts began racing in my head knowing this could end up being a very special night if things went right. It had been almost a year since Nicole and I were at the resort where she slept with the very first man besides me in her life. And, we haven’t had any opportunities since then to do it again….

Just after 4 pm we wandered down to the bar and ordered drinks and sat in a comfortable corner couch. I looked around and was slightly disappointed to not see John in the bar. It was almost 4:30 and he still wasn’t there. We ordered our second drink and since Nicole doesn’t drink a whole lot, started to get a little bit giddy. I could tell she was buzzed and feeling good. As our second drinks were served I saw John walk up to the bar and order a drink. As he looked around he noticed us and I waved him over to join. John brought his drink over and asked us if he could join us. Nicole said “absolutely, we have plenty of room”. So, John sat and we began chatting about day to day things, and our hobbies, work and all that ordinary stuff. Nicole was halfway through her second drink and excused herself to the ladies room. As she got up, I could see John catching a glimpse of her perfect ass. Nicole was wearing tight, dark denim jeans that framed her ass perfectly. As she got up and walked to the bathroom, she had to walk inches from Johns head as he was sitting on the end of the couch. I could tell that drove him crazy and he gave me a look to let me know.

As Nicole was using the restroom, John told me that all he could think about was her since this morning. He said the though of her in the gym, in her tight leggings was giving him a hard on throughout the day and struggled to concentrate on anything else. He also shared with me that it has been over a year since he has been with a woman due to his divorce and found it difficult to discover the right match. I told him I think Nicole may be up for some fun tonight, and he told me that sounds almost too good to be true, but would be available all night if she was into it.

Nicole returned from the restroom, and we chatted some more, and ordered some appetizers and another round of drinks. We talked more about life things, and Nicole asked a bit about John’s ex wife and how things were going being single again. The conversation turned towards all of our sex lives, and John shared with Nicole that his had been dead for over a year. She said “oh, that is too bad John, you are a good looking guy and any woman would be lucky to have you.” She said this as she leaned into him and brushed his leg, giggling….John’s face turned a bit red, and he thanked her for the compliment. He went on to tell her how lucky I was to be with such a gorgeous woman, and must be hard to fight off all the advances she must get when she wears tight jeans like those…Nicole giggled some more, and then turned to me and asked if I was ready to head back to the room. I told her we could head up anytime she was ready. To my surprise she turned to John and asked “would you like to join us for one more drink up in our room?” John said he absolutely and told us that he will go pay the tab for the table and meet us up on the room in about 10 minutes. We thanked him for grabbing the bill and headed up to the room.

When we got into the room, Nicole immediately grabbed and gave me a big kiss, saying she really liked meeting John and what a nice guy he was. I told her, “well, I think he has the hots for you”. She laughed and said well, if that is true, she would be flattered. I told her it will be interesting to see how he acts when he comes up to the room…she asked “well, if he is up for some fun would I be ok with that. I told Nicole that I am ok with her doing whatever she is comfortable with and explained what a turn on it was for me the last time I watched her with another man. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and John had arrived.

We welcomed John into the room and offered him a drink, which he accepted. John sat on the end of the king bed, as I was sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. Nicole was standing and asked John if it was ok to sit on the bed next to him. He patted the bed next to him inviting her on. Nicole sat down and we all began chatting again. As we were chatting and laughing, Nicole patted Johns leg and complimented him on how good he looked. He told her that was so nice to hear after such a long time not being with a woman. Just then, Nicole leaned into John and their lips met for a nice, long kiss. John reached his hand down between Nicole’s legs and rubbed on the outside of her jeans. Nicole stood up and said she wanted to get more comfortable, and unbuttoned her jeans, and slid them off to reveal only a blue thong underneath. She also pulled her shirt off and her matching bra was covering her small tits that John reached up to feel.

Nicole laid on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed, and John adjusted himself, with his knees on the floor and head between Nicoles leg. Her blue thong was still on, and John used his hand to pull it apart and began to passionately kiss her vagina that was recently shaved nearly bare. Nicole’s head went back and she began moaning in pure pleasure. John pulled away and told Nicole she tasted amazing, and asked if it felt good. Nicole answered by pushing his head back between her legs, begging him to keep going. John kept licking and Nicole began breathing harder and harder, eventually saying “fuck, I am going to cum soon..don’t stop” John kept working her pussy with his mouth and her body began to shake and her fist clenching the bedsheets. John stood up at this point, and put two fingers inside Nicole and she absolutely lost it at this point. She began screaming that she was cumming, and John worked his fingers inside her at a furious pace…..Nicole began shaking even more, yelling, I am cumming harder, don’t stop!” John worked his fingers inside her pussy with her thong still on and pulled to the side. As Nicole came down from her orgasm, John slowly pulled is fingers out of her pussy, and her pussy juices all over them, and also dripping down her leg. Nicole looked absolutely amazing laying there completely relaxed and satisfied.

John finally slid his pants off and his raging 7 inch cock sprung out, looking like it was ready to explode at anytime. At this point John suggested that Nicole lay on her stomach so he could massage her back. Nicole gladly accepted and positioned herself face down on the middle of the bed. John took the opportunity to slid her thong off, which Nicole did not fight.

John was on the bed, on his knees working on her back, with a full raging hard on the whole time. As he began working his hands down, between her legs, she spread them open to give him better access. John’s hard cock was next to her amazing ass at this point, and as Nicole moaned with John rubbing the outside of her pussy, John began leaking precum, which was dripping on her ass. At first there was just a small amount that leaked out, but at one point a large stream just came down from his cock, soaking Nicole’s ass. John moaned, and said he needed to slow down, as he was too close to cumming….Nicole giglged, and said “feels like you are already starting to make a mess down there”. John said he can’t help it with an ass like that to look at, and that her pussy felt amazing.

John reached down and massaged the precum into her asscrack, and Nicole let him know how good it felt by lifting up her ass and putting a pillow under her pelvic areay to give him even better access. With plenty of precum to work with John began working Nicole’s asshole with his finger. Nicole reached back with her own hand and began rubbing her clit as John worked on her ass some more. Nicole’s ass propped up on a pillow, wet with precum was almost too much for me, and I began jerking my own cock sitting in the chair and taking it all in.

John stopped fingering her ass and got directly behind Nicole, with is wet, hard, throbbing cock pushed up to her pussy but not going in…John rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Nicole’s pussy. Nicole began breathing heavy again, and sighed “oh, fuck, you need to take me..do whatever you want to me”. John accepted the invitation and pushed his hard, wet cock all the way in. Nicole got on all fours in a perfect doggy position, her ass in the air for John’s taking. John moaned and thrusted harder and harder into Nicole with every push. Nicole said she was cumming again, and John said he was close as well. The sounds of their bodies slapping together was so loud I figured the neighbors could hear, but I was so turned on that I didn’t’ care. I saw Nicole’s face, clearly in pleasure with her eyes closed, and began screaming “fuck, fuck, fuck….I am coming so hard again…fuck….”. Nicole was biting her lips when she wasn’t busy screaming and John kept pounding harder and harder. After a few minutes of absolutely pounding Nicole as hard as she has ever been pounded he pulled out and turned her over on her back. John began jerking his cock near Nicole’s face. Nicole pulled his cock into her mouth licking all the juices off….I had the perfect view of Nicole on her back with her legs spread open. I took this as a good time to get on the bed, and thrust my leaking cock deep inside her. Before I entered her, I was on the verge of Cumming from watching them, so it only took em about 8 thrusts to start unloading my cum deep inside Nicole. I told them I was cumming, and John began furiously stroking his cock and shot a giant load of cum all over Nicole’s face…He must have had 10 spurts and I wondered they may never end. It’s only the second time Nicole has had a facial in her life…the fist time was when we were much younger and she didn’t care for it. But, this time I could tell the moment got the best of her and was happy to have John unload all over her face as she was getting fucked like a slut.

After this, we all cleaned up, chatted a bit more, and said or goodbye’s. John said he would be at the resort for a few more days, and let us know he wouldn’t turn down another invite up to our room. He thanked us for a great night, gave Nicole a big hug and was on his way. Needless today, Nicole and I slept great. We were exhausted and looked forward to a efficient meetup with John again before we went home.

NSFW: yes

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