Where do I even start…

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I (32, FtM) spend much of my time playing video games competitively and casually. Most often I’m in a party with my best friend (23 M). We tell each other everything. Gaming is at all times an escape, an addiction really. Lately though, our gaming sessions are being interrupted and I’m having my boundaries pushed to their limits.

Let’s rewind.

2 years ago I met a man (22), sweet gender fluid and adventurous. We’ll call him Danny for privacy. Things went well, and eventually we became what I affectionately refer to as “fuck buddies”. Now Danny comes over to my house often, sometimes unannounced. Whenever he shows up it’s time to play and he doesn’t care what I’m doing at that moment.

Now we move forward to last week…

Danny came over, like he usually does unannounced. I was deep in the middle of a match and in a voice chat party. I saw him walk in and nodded a hello. He sat down beside me and pulled out a joint, so I grabbed an ash tray and a lighter. We smoked, got pretty high and I continued gaming.

Then his hand started to slide up my thigh and I bit back a moan while trying to continue conversation with my friends over the headset. It only took a few seconds and a new match was starting. The high was really starting to hit me, and at that moment I saw Danny slide off the couch, onto his knees in front of me.

What happened next was such a blur because it happened so fast. Danny practically ripped my boxers off and buried his face between my legs, his tounge teasing my small cock (my clitoris grew to nearly 4″ thanks to hormones) and rimming my vaginal hole. I never had the bottom surgery because of the enormous potential for loss of sensation and Danny loves, absolutely loves my pussy.

As he’s going down on me, I’m trying my hardest not to moan into the headset. However, my best friend who spends entirely too much of his time gaming with me not to notice something is up, mutes his microphone and does in game. My phone vibrates a notification and I quickly look. Best friend has texted me. I am still fighting the moans back, and my gameplay is trashed as I set the controller down, one hand reaching for my phone and the other tangling fingers into Danny’s hair.

I open the text from my best friend.

‘Your moaning is giving me a hard on’

I read the text repeatedly, my face flushing and going redder as I could feel my breathing getting rapid and shallow. There were 3 other people in the PlayStation party, who didn’t seem to notice a single thing. I shot my friend back a text as fast as I could type.

‘private party?’

I wasn’t expecting him to jump into a private one so fast, but I quickly snatched up the controller and switched parties. Now letting go of the need to stay quiet, I started moaning loudly into the headset as Danny started to pump his fingers in and out of me while sucking on my small cock. I grabbed his hair, arching my back on the couch and all but begging for more.

Danny happily oblidged. Sitting up and letting me have a moment to breath as he undid his jeans and shoved them down. I could hear my best friend beating off listening to us, and it just made it so much hotter as Danny pulled me forward so my ass was off the couch and then slammed his cock as deep into my pussy as he could.

We fucked rough, fast, with me moaning and practically screaming into the headset as I held onto him. The whole time I could hear my best friend jacking off and grunting out small moans of his own. It was all so hot, when I finally came I coated Danny’s cock in my cum. My pussy seized so tight and hard I could see the shock on his face as he started to cum too.

Danny filled my pussy, then pulled out, panting heavily as he sat on the floor with his back against the couch. I could feel my body still cumming, the mixture of both of our juices spilling out of me all over the couch. I heard my best friend let out a choked moan, the slick slapping noises stopped and his breathing also became very heavy.

Danny relaxed for a few more minutes, teasing his fingers over my legs before he moved in to clean me up. I whimpered having wondered he was done, but my best friend had already left the party we had moved to, and gone back to the group one. This time I let Danny eat me out without moving back to the group party.

When Danny finally finished with me, he decided to head home and told me he’d be back soon. I didn’t bother to get dressed again, now he’d left me a wet, sticky mess. Instead I got up and grabbed a small but powerful vibrator, stuffing it inside and turning it all the way up before rejoining the party chat…

I think Danny got me addicted to public masturbation, because I’ve been doing this always now. My best friend hasn’t said anything about what he heard that night, but any time he can hear a faint sound and recognizes I’m getting myself off, I can hear him unzip and then I’ll begin to hear the occasional grunt or quiet moan…

NSFW: yes

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