When it’s Quick & Dirty

Nothing beats a quickie, it’s not just about getting it done and dusted..but packing up all that passion and things you want to do in a long drawn session into a power packed, lustful, explosive endings..passionate, looks and grasps coupled with deep, hard, quick thrusts are just the best.. times when we are gonna step out, fresh and cleaned up, smelling beautiful, she looking beautiful in her flowing dress, her legs so smooth, her thighs so supple, her dress kissing her gorgeous butt and her nipples darting through.. I can not leave the house without tasting her, just a taste.. she knows I wants it, looks at me while she bends to put on her shoes, her gorgeous painted toes squeezed through, making me want ot lick them, as we go to the door, I stop and turn her around, kiss her while I look deep into her eyes, passionate, wet, deep, our tongues in a ballet with each other, just pure passion, I’m hard instantly, bursting out of my seams, pleasurable pain of my head against my pants.. I’m ready as at all times for her beauty…I can she is hot and so horny too, bothered with my tongue and my bulge against her, I can see her squat and grind, her wetness soaking her laced underwear, her wait grinding the air, wanting more..

I push her to the wall, I slip my hands between her legs, her soft dress over my arms, I feel the lace now laden with her gorgeousness, wet, thick, inviting.. I lick my wet fingers, taste her and finger her, slow at first, then quick and hard, as she likes it, each time I go deeper, she moas and seeps goodness into my arms, I need to eat her, she fighting to get my bulge out of my pants and to mount me, I need one taste of her beautiful, plump pussy, I get on my knees, sniff her gorgeous wet panties, bite them to the side and just suck her pussy whole, warm loads exchanges, I rim her and lick her clit, her hooded beauty so hard and erect, waiting to have me… I pull my hair and says “take me now or ill cum all over your face”..she needs me now, we hardly have any time, I need to be in her..I stand up, she whips my big hard out, wastes no time, spits on my rager, shining it, stoking it, I spread her legs with my feet, she raises one leg up, her pink spread, dripping, and she glides me inside her, I slip in so good and deep as we are so wet together, im deep in and I see her moan, her eyes rolled, jaws dropped, enjoying me filling her whole..

I lift her up now, her back against the wall, her one leg on my shoulder, her other below, the perfect spread, as Im deep in her, I see her stretched, every time I glide in and out of her, I see her labia stretch and beautifully milk me, her hood stretched while I play with her clit, circles on her clit while I glide in and out, gorgeous cream all over my shaft a sight of lust and love.. pure undeniable passion all over, thr sights, sounds and gorgeous smells that bring it all together, I turn her around now, so wet and glistened that I easily slide in her from behind, we are in ecstacy, she against the wall, her palms flat on the fall, trying to grip as I go deep in her, I thrust deep in her clenching every muscle as I pund harder and faster, I see her tip toe, and back on her heels, moving, grinding making me hit every spot in her gorgeous pussy.. we are close, we both know it, she creaming more than ever, our glides even quicker, my veins pulseating and my head throbbing, we need to look at each other as we cum.. I lift her and turn her around, her legs wrapped around me as we are eye to eye, I pound slow, low, deep and upward, her gorgeous breasts against my chestm her hair over her eyes, I see her moan, her grip tightens, she screams, I moan as she milks we, we cum hard , cum together.. I fill her as we both shudder in joy and love.. i slowly drop her, she licks me clean, I kiss her again as we now proceed to go about our day… Dirty, Nasty, Quicky…

NSFW: yes

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