When In Greece part 1 [MMf22-30] [lightBDSM] [semiforced]

As you grip your tablet a little harder due to the erotic scene playing out in your new book, you bite your lip and look out the window. Thinking man what a life I’d live in that fictional world. Your thoughts start wondering off thinking of things that could be, when all the sudden they come screaming back to reality as the plane wheels touch the ground. With hesitation you step off the plane. You have at all times wanted to go to Greece, how ever you never wondered you would be doing alone. You shake your head and think it’s time to forget the past and embrace the future! Walking through the air port to baggage you see glimpses out side to the gorgeous city of Athens. Although there were many places you wanted to see, you figured the capital and largest city would be a good place to begin.

You grab your suitcase and walk to the pick up line, not sure how it works here you raise your hand and yell “TAXI!”. A car pools up with a man with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin and from what you could see an athletic create, you must be American he says. Yes I am, you responded thinking what gave it away. Company or pleasure he asks with smirk on his face as you can feel the heat of his gaze on your body. Uhh, little of both I suppose, you respond. Are you a taxi or an Uber you ask him. Yes I am, where would you like to go he asked as he stepped out of his car and offered to load your bag for you. I need to go to 376654 kaa, Kah, oh here it is but I can’t pronounce it. As he looks at the address on the paper you feel a tingle shoot through your body as you are able to fully see him now. My word I would love to feel his tongue between my legs you think quickly as you take the paper back and get into the car.

As he goes zipping through the city, you can’t help but take in all the sights Athens has to offer. Not only for it’s beauty but also just he pure historical significance. Many scholars believed it to be the birthplace of modern civilization giving birth to democracy. You start to get gitty thinking about the trip you have planned for your self. And just about that time you feel the car slow. You look up and he smiles into the mirror and says we’re here. You step out of the car and look at this gorgeous villa you rented that looked just like the pictures. Even your driver comments wow nice place. Smiling you thank him and say Iv at all times been able to discover the best deals for me. It will most definitely be a nice getaway.

NSFW: yes

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