When I was 18, I wondered [M]y girl[F]riend was innocent, then she spoiled me and screamed daddy

When I was a senior in high college, I was infatuated with an older girl. She was 5 foot and light. Brown hair to her shoulders, and big eyes.

We started talking during the last week of winter break. We texted and had FaceTime calls a lot, and then the first week back to college we finally decided to hang out. Initially, I was nervous when she pulled up to my house, but it all went away when I walked her to my bedroom. When I closed the door after her, she immediately gave me a hug then kissed me, as if we were forbidden to be together. We laid down, kissed, and grinded our bodies a little, but nothing more than that. We decided to have a proper date soon, so we chose to go eat, and then attend my college’s basketball game. If I’m being honest, I wanted to show her off to everybody at the arena. She was a cheerleader for our neighboring, rival town. I loved that.

The date finally came, so she parked at my house, then I drove from there. On the way, she said she needed to go get something from her competitive cheer team, so we drove by the facility. She dragged me along by pulling my hand, which she knew I liked from our conversations before.

We went to a Pei-Wei after, because I had never been, but it was extremely busy and loud for some reason. When the food finally came, we decided to take it back to my house. Thinking about it now, I’m glad every table was occupied.

My entire family happened to be out of the house, which was amazing. We went upstairs, to the adjacent game room, and ate our food while watching the Disney cartoon of Robin Hood. Immediately after eating, we started kissing like we had to. We got touchy until she stood up and gestured me to get up as well. She took my hand like earlier and led me to my room.

We stood by the bed kissing until I pushed her onto my newly washed sheets. I crawled on top of her and started to glide my hands over her sensitive areas. I decided I had to take off her jeans. When I finally slid them off, I saw her lacy, greyish-purple underwear. I put my hand on top and she was incredibly warm. I finally slid my hand underneath to feel her smooth, freshly shaven pussy that was coated wet. She was extremely vocal, almost reminiscent of a porn-star. I left my door wide open, and if someone came home and heard what echoed, I wouldn’t have cared.

She then pushed back on my shoulders to get on top of me. She started to lick the rim of my ear and pulled my earlobe with her teeth. She then started to kiss her way from my lips, all the way down. When she got below my hips, I told her “You don’t have to”, because for some reason I just didn’t want to see such a beauty being degraded…yet. She listened, but still took my briefs off, and my cock sprang up and stood like a tree. While looking at me with her big eyes, she took off her panties, grabbed the base of my tool and guided it in. Prior to this I asked if she wanted me to use a condom, she didn’t dignify that with an answer.

This was the first time I went raw inside a girl, and I fell in love with the feeling. She was warmer than warm, perfectly wet. It felt like a perfect fit. We were so into the moment that we didn’t take our shirts off, just our naked sexes together. She rode me, hard. It was so amazing that it didn’t take long for me to cum. When I was close, I panicked and lifted her off me, spraying all over her ass. I told her “I’m sorry, I haven’t touched myself in a while”. This was true, because for some reason as soon as I started talking to her, I wanted to wait for the moment until we finally got intimate, so I completely exploded. But her whispered response was “why haven’t you jerked off?” as she kissed my cheek. I apologized again for pulling out and making a mess on her, but she replied, “it’s okay to cum inside me daddy.” She then lifted her arm and said she had a birth control bar implanted and made me feel it. After getting the green light, it was as if my natural instincts came alive. All I wanted to do was breed with her like an animal.

I grabbed her waist, turned us to my left, and put her on her back. I demanded she “turn around”. She took off her shirt and bra as she went on all fours. She had perky, small tits which fit perfectly in my hands. I took off my shirt and positioned myself behind her toned, bubble butt. I wiped the cum off her ass with my shirt, and then proceeded to tease myself in. I went all out, just hammering away with long strokes. Duration wasn’t even a concept to me, it just felt like time froze to watch us. God, she was so loud, her moans filled the house as I did her. I loved hearing her raspy voice like that, especially her favorite word.

Daddy!”, with a few breaths in between each reiteration.

I wanted her to cum so bad. I grabbed her hair close to her scalp with my left hand and slapped her ass, twice in succession with my right. I then took my right hand and managed to grab both her wrists behind her back. I was in absolute control of this girl, she was mine. I just kept giving her all of myself, pound after pound, until I felt I was getting closer to finish. I started slamming into her with each insertion, until I gloriously came all inside of her, still drilling her until I became sensitive. I still haven’t found a better feeling of ecstasy than that.

I collapsed, still quite hard inside of her, and kissed her spine beneath her neck. I breathed right behind her ear, as I could see her face partially. She was smiling so much and laughing softly, while turning her neck to see the man that just fucked the daylights out of her. I pulled my heartbeat-cock out and saw my cum dripping from her pussy. I didn’t care who may have been with her before, because from that moment, I owned her.

She pointed to her shaking leg and said, “look what you did”. The day after she texted me saying cheer practice was rough because she was so sore. We made each other cum, made each other laugh and smile, and we made each other happy. I hope every person could experience a partner like I did with her.

After cleaning up a little, we got dressed and just laid in front of each other, just staring into each other’s eyes and kissing occasionally. She liked kisses on the nose a lot. We never made it to the basketball game.

NSFW: yes

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