When he assisted me [F] on my first day at the gym, I sucked off a man [22F]

Normally, I’m a shy girl who gets a little uneasy in strange settings. So, to be honest, I was a little anxious when I began school and switched to a new gym. I’ll name him J, and he was extremely friendly and helpful. He assisted me right away. I asked him a few questions, and he provided the answers. He even found a location for me.
We went to his car and I gave him the best blowjob ever, slow and relaxing until he came in my mouth. With his cum in my mouth, I joked and said “this should’ve been my pre-workout,” then swallowed. After finishing my workout, I went to him to say goodbye and he walked me out. I felt like saying thank you wasn’t really enough. He then returned to the gym to complete his training while I headed home.

NSFW: yes

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