What are friends for? Pt. IV

How much fun are we really trying to have tonight?” The room was quiet, but the energy wasn’t. I knew I wasn’t the only one who was wondering where all this drunken playful fun was gonna lead to. I want a threesome. I wanted us to take our clothes off and not look back. I was ready I just needed them to come to a mutual understanding. Dropping sex in between two bffs that never got down like that isn’t easy. So still patiently I wait for a response. Gladys takes a long breath and says “Look all I know is I want to have as much fun as possible and still be just as cool tomorrow” I loved that she implied that she was more than likely gonna stay the night. Trina physically fixing her panties so her pussy can stay at least somewhat covered said “Fun is all we want tonight. You guys are the most comfortable people I can have fun with.” Everyone is agreement but both Gladys and Trina are both tip toeing around the idea of sharing me. I wondered it was hot. In my head all I could think is trust me ladies, I have more than enough dick for both of you..

Cutting through the little awkward silence we play again. Gladys’s turn, this time she looks so willing to play. I think she understands that this game of truth or dare is our testing waters for how far we will go with each other. She wants some dick I can feel it. So I said “Gladys, Truth or Dare” “Dare” she said immediately. I looked at Trina and with those submissive eyes she gives me, she let me know that I’m in the drivers seat. Perfect. My time to initiate something. I looked at Gladys… well I looked at her fat pussy first. I wanted her to feel my eyes stare. I wanted her to know how much I noticed it. How much I liked it. She smiled and rolled her hips forward to push her pussy out event further. Her lips made it look like a hamburger Bun, perfectly placed in her shorts Just fat and swollen ready to be played with. I said “Gladys, I dare you to give Trina a massage… a nice back massage.”

They were both taken back by my dare. For sure they wondered someone was gonna be putting me in their mouth. But I wanted to see Gladys mount Trina and give a back rub. 3 minutes I said. No big deal. Just be nice and gentle. I stood up and in my grey sweats grabbed my dick to shift it. I wanted both of them to see. I wanted them to see how close i was to being rock hard. They both stared, paused and proceeded to my dare. Trina laid flat on her stomach her little butt poking up and her G string disappeared between her ass cheeks. Gladys mounted her ass and dropped her pussy straight on Trina’s ass. They laugh but I couldn’t help notice Gladys titties bounce up and down as they played around. He ass hanging out of her shorts and making contact with Trina’s ass. Gladys starts, it’s an awkward massage. Gladys and Trina just weren’t showing me any girl on girl action, but I knew it wouldn’t happen. I can feel it from both of them. They want my dick. They want me but are hesitant. So I approached the bed and laid on my stomach between Trina’s legs. My face pointed right at Trina’s Ass with Gladys ass sitting right on top. I took my time and I started massaging the inside of Trina’s thighs all the while I put my nose up to Gladys ass. Trina puts her face down in the pillow and moans. My face is up on Gladys ass and i make contact and I sniff. I sniff hard enough to catch her attention. She sticks her ass out more. Sticking it out towards me she’s hovering on her knees. Now there’s barely a gap between Trina’s ass and Gladys’s pussy So I stick my hand between. It’s so warm. Almost hot to the touch. I massage Trina’s ass moving cheeks close together and far aside hoping I’m making her fat pussy lips squeeze her clit. I can hear the wetness of her pussy ever so slightly as i squeeze her pussy together with her ass. I kiss her little butt. While the bottom of my hands are busy pleasuring Trina, I make sure the back of my hands and Knuckles are massaging right around Gladys’s pussy. Sliding my hand up and down so my knuckle was in contact and grinding on Gladys’s juicy lips.I have one hand on Trina’s pussy from the back and the other is now turned over gripping Gladys’s vagina. It’s a handful. I massage it around as if it were a stressball. I know her clit is being touched by both sides right now. She let out a sexy soft deep breath. “That’s time isn’t it?“ Gladys asked. I laughed took my hands off of the both of them and said “yeah that’s time.”

Gladys dismounts Trina and Trina turns over FLUSTERED. She was loving it. I was doing all the things to make her pussy turn into her waterfall. Trina loved it when I put her face down on her stomach. She knows that position. The position where I can shove all 9 inches of cock into her and she can’t run. She loved it. “Damn Gladys that was great massage. I’m feeling super loose” Trina said winking at me. Gladys turned and said “yeah I think I got carried away” looking at me. To which I said to both of them “ I thought it was just perfect, but I guess it’s my turn” I stand up and my cock is hard enough to see the bulge through my pants. Almost pitching a tent. In my head I was conflicted one part of me wants to get to the point and have some group sex, while the other part of me is enjoying teasing these women. After all they’re waiting on me. Without anyone asking I said “dare.”

Trina and Gladys look at each other. They look at me and laugh. Trina looks me in the eye and says “How about a nude run babe?” Gladys smiled hard and so did I. I was down. I took yet another shot walked to the door and pulled off my clothes until I was in nothing but socks. Gladys and Trina wanted me to turn around but at the same moment I opened the door and sprinted down the hallway. I’m a big guy 6’5” 250+ lbs at the time, practically hairless and my cock was hanging around mid thigh. I was feeling good. I ran towards the elevator and back. No one saw. I walk back in the room where Trina hands me a towel. I assume to cover myself up. I grabbed the towel wiped my face and proceeded in the room naked. “No more clothes tonight ladies. It’s too comfortable” I said to both of them as I sat down legs wide open dick just resting on the seat. Gladys couldn’t look away and Trina was in shock that I was not only naked but sporting quite the porn star chub.

Sitting there I started to massage my cock, gripping and pulling. Let some more blood fill it up. At the same time I’m tugging on my dick, Gladys was in the middle of drinking. She notice me playing with myself and choked on the drink and wet her white tshirt. I could see her light brown nipples poke through as they got cold from the beverage. I laughed as I playfully grabbed her tits “be more careful Gladys or you won’t have a shirt!” She liked it. She loved my touch. I felt that instant connection. Then all of a sudden Trina’s G string hit me in the face. I looked over and she’s fully naked walking towards the bathroom..

“y’all wanna take a drunk shower?” Trina asked

NSFW: yes

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