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My wife and I (38) went to a wedding last weekend. It was a friend from our school days. We all had not been super close, but we got an invitation and jumped at the opportunity.

We were sitting in this gorgeous garden waiting for the ceremony to begin when I locked eyes with Michelle, another girl from our school days.

She hadn’t changed a bit. I knew she had been married, had a couple kids, and then divorced, but that was all from social media.

She smiled and gave me a wave. I returned the smile and wave.

Michelle and I hooked up once in school. We took benefit of a late night in a science lab.

We all the time wanted to get together, but she was dating someone when I was free, and then I was dating someone when she was free.

We kept locking eyes throughout the ceremony. I could tell she was happy to see me, and I wasn’t mad about seeing her.

The ceremony ended and everyone headed to the reception hall. We had dinner and all the standard festivities, and then came the dancing.

There was a big group of us dancing when everyone splintered off. My wife was with a group of her school friends and went back to our table.

Michelle joined me.

We went through all the standard talking points before the conversation turned to what could have been. We chatted briefly about things we enjoyed about each other. Then she leaned in so I could hear her whisper over the music.

“I loved sucking your dick. I’d do it now if you wanted.”

I said yes immediately.

I told her to go outside to the workers entrance. There was a small fence and a walkway where delivery people were coming in and out. My wife and I walked past it when we first came in.

There were no windows, lots of shrubs, and no straight views from the front door.

She left and I finished my drink before heading to the dance floor. I told my wife I was heading out for some fresh air.

“Are you ok,” she asked. “Do you want me to go with you?”

“I’m fine,” I answered. “It’s hot in here and I’m wearing a suit. Just need some air.”

I headed for the front hall that led to my exit. I had to put a hand in my pocket to cover for my excitement.

I met Michelle in our spot. She greeted me with a kiss as I undid my belt and pants. She dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock.

She was the same freaky girl I knew in school. I don’t regret it not working out with us. I’m very happily married. But I can only dream about how much fun it would be to be married to this wild chick.

She sucked my cock like a pro. She worked it hard and fast without a single tooth scrape.

I gave the tap. I figured my load was going on the ground. With my cock in her mouth, she reached around with both hands and grabbed my ass. She started jerking me forward, taking the entire length of my shaft.

I was absolutely fucking Michelle’s throat. It took about a dozen of those hits and I exploded. She swallowed every single drop.

She let me go and stood up. I put myself together as she wiped her face and checked her makeup. We exchanged numbers and she kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll see ya inside,” she said. And that was it.

NSFW: yes

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