Watching my son(19M)go down on his mother (38F)

Last night after the three of us had watched a movie in the basement living room things had turned sexual, at this point that kinda the norm for us.

At one point point while I was sitting on the couch my was wife riding me facing towards the tv and Our son walked up with his cock out and offered it to his mother, she hungrily began to swallow the length of his cock.

Moans filled the room from both me and my son, it wasn’t long before the effort of my wife took hold of me and I flooded her pussy, she stayed on me while finishing our son off.

After she got off me she tiredly layed on the couch legs spread, our son sitting diagonal on the couch to her he couldn’t take his eyes off his mothers pussy.

I took notice and asked if he would like a taste, he just nodded his head, my lovely wife absolutely loves having her pussy ate, our son got into position and basically kissed her clit, she smiled and kinda chuckled before giving instructions

It wasn’t long before he caught on because she was having a hard time talking between moan, I instructed to my son where her gspot was knowing that would send her over the edge, and it certainly did.

After her loud moans came to an end he stood up looking rather proud, he returned to his room and myself and my wife continued to cuddled in the basement.

Overall things have been amazing

NSFW: yes

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