Wanting……. (Oral, 40M,40F)

Wanting, it is what starts every great sexcapade. I watch him each day. I catch him watching me. I want to know what he is thinking. I want to know what it would feel like to have his hands cup my breast. To feel his tongue tease my nipples before sucking on them. To have his hands run up and down my back, to have his him slide between my thighs and lick me from knee to clit. I want to know what sounds he makes if I slide my hand in his jeans and massage his shaft. To get on my knees and show his cock the appreciation it deserves. I want to see how our bodies fit together as he slides inside of me. I want to feel him touching every part of me inside and out. We cut up, joke around, and make lots of dirty jokes and implications. Finally I get up the nerve and corner him in the file room. I mostly close the door behind me, open enough to hear of someone is coming. I push him back agains the filing cabinet and run my hand over his jeans. Feeling what I have been wanting for forever. He only slightly hesitates. Then he runs his hand over my breast. I unzip his pants to get a better feel. He is soft and smooth. As I stroke him he starts to stiffen in my hand. As he gets harder he starts to roll my nipple between his fingers. He dips his head down and sucks my ear lobe into his mouth. I can feel my flesh heat turning red as he nips and sucks my ear. He kisses down my neck, all while I stroke him. He is the perfect size. I want to taste him to feel him explode in my mouth. I unbutton his pants and free him, I slide down to my knees. Licking just the tip. When he slightly moans I slide my tongue down his hard shaft. I tease him with my tongue for a few minutes before sliding his cock in my mouth. I roll my tongue so it cradles his cock as I slide up and down, sucking gently with each stroke. He stiffens more as continue to fuck him with my mouth. I move my hand to cradle his balls as I suck him. I pull back and slide my tongue down his cock so I can lick his balls while I stroke him with my hand. Sucking each one gently. Then I move back up to the tip to finish him off. He is moaning with each stroke of my mouth. He moves his hands to my hair, now he is controlling the motion, fucking my mouth at the pace that will make him explode. I taste the fist drops of precum. I know he is close. I let him fuck my mouth and I swallow every drop from his perfect cock, refusing to stop until I have it all. Once I have it all I lick him clean and then slide up as he has quivers from his release. I put him all back together and slip from the file room. Still wanting to feel him inside me. Leaving me wanting. Until I corner him again.

NSFW: yes

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