waking up to him inside of me

I’m 28 and pregnant with my first child and have been completely exhausted. Although I’ve been crazy horny especially going into this 3rd trimester! But my poor husband has barely been able to get a piece of me. Every time he comes to bed I’m either way too sore or don’t feel well or literally passed out.
Last night I started to feel a little horny in my sleep, I could feel my nipples harden and my pussy getting wetter and wetter I was still asleep mixing dream world with reality when all of the sudden I wake up and realize my husband was just using my tight pregnant pussy in my sleep. He must have only been fucking me with his tip and as I woke up I started to moan and become more coherent and tried looking and what was going on. He shoved my head back down onto my pillow holding it there firmly saying he loved using my sleepy pussy he gave me a few more inches while holding me down until he filled my pussy full of his baby batter and gently pulled out giving me a little kiss on the forehead. He slipped my panties back on as I could feel his cum dripping out of me. We both went back to bed happy and I felt so good that he was satisfied and that I got used like I should. I hope its not the last time and havent asked him if it was the first time. It was really hot and I just wanted to distribute with you all.

NSFW: yes

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