Vanessa and her professor part 6 [20sF/30sM][con][anal][fiction][fantasy] – Short Sex Story

Vanessa woke up to the feeling of a warm hard chest against her back. Beau’s arm was thrown over her waist, his hand cupping her breast. His cock was semi-hard against her ass. She could tell by his breathing he was still asleep. Slowly, she slid out from under his arm, shivering in the cool air. Since all her clothes had been removed downstairs, and her thong had been torn and thrown into some far corner, Vanessa picked up one of Beau’s shirts that was draped over the back of a chair. She quietly made her way downstairs.

Unlocking her phone she saw a series of texts from Abby.

A-steph said you didn’t come home last night. Did you leave with your professor?

A-is everything okay?

A-vanessa, no one’s heard from you since 11 pm last night. If you don’t let me know you are alive in the next 10 minutes I’m gonna panic.

V-im fine.

A-are you with….him?

V-i plead the 5th

A-you slut!! OMG wait until I tell steph. We need ALLLLLLL the deets. I mean you don’t have to be all kiss and tell, but outline and major plot points.

V-love you

Vanessa slid her phone back into her purse while she chuckled.

“Good news?”

Beau was standing in the doorway, completely nude, drinking a glass of water. His hard cock was jutting out towards her. Vanessa felt her mouth go dry.

“Just letting my roommates know I’m not dead in a ditch somewhere.”


He wasn’t really listening to her. His eyes were raking over her. Crazy sex hair tumbling down her shoulders. His shirt covering her nakedness. But not completely since she was only holding it closed and hadn’t buttoned it. Occasionally flashing a peak of her pussy or ass. He walked towards her and handed her the glass. Vanessa took it and drank the rest. His hands slid under his shirt to caress her breasts.

“I’d like a shower, please. Maybe a spare toothbrush? I might need to go back to my apartment to get a few things.”

Beau took the glass from her and absently set it on a bookcase shelf. Then he took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She started stroking him as he fondled her breasts.

“A shower sounds amazing.”

He lead her to his bathroom. He got her a spare toothbrush. They brushed their teeth while the water warmed up. Once they were in the shower, Beau started washing her. He paid particular attention to her tits. By the time she was washed, Vanessa was soaked and panting. But she returned the favor. Washing him. Spending extra time sliding her soapy hand up and down his cock. They washed the soap off and then Beau pushed her front up against the shower glass. Mashing her breasts into the cold glass. He pulled her hips back and started sliding his dick along her pussy. She could see their reflections in the bathroom mirror. Beau locked eyes with her in the reflection and pressed his cock into her cunt.

“Watch me fuck you.” He whispered into her ear. And then he started thrusting into her. Her eyes never left the mirror. She saw her breasts grow and shrink as he thrust in and out of her. Pushing and pulling her away from the glass. She saw his arm snake around and discover her clit. She saw her head tip back. Beau pushed her head forwards.

“Watch. I want you to see yourself cum.”

Vanessa saw her body begin to shake. She saw Beau pounding into her from behind. A look of intense concentration on his face. And then she orgasmed and her vision faded. She came to sagging in Beau’s arms. Tits pressed firmly into the glass. Beau was panting.

“Now do I want your ass or your mouth? I’m going to cum in all three before the 24 hours is up.”

Vanessa felt her pussy already getting wet again. She stared into his eyes in the mirror.

“Ass. Fuck my ass.”

Beau’s eyes flared. And she felt his
dick twitch in her pussy. He pulled out and started to press her to her knees.

“No! Wait! Um….do…do you have that…um…the dildo?”

A sound was wrenched from Beau’s throat.

“It’s here. I didn’t keep the damn thing in my office. I’d come home and get it before your *office hours.* Do,” he licked his lips, “do you want it?”

Vanessa nodded. She remembered how hard she came the last time he fucked her asshole. He hadn’t done it since. Like he was afraid of how hard he came. Of how he felt. If it felt that good with just her fingers inside her, she couldn’t imagine how good it would feel with the dildo in her pussy. Beau left the shower. Vanessa went to her knees. She pressed her face and tits onto the tile and stuck her ass high in the air, waiting for Beau to return. She saw his feet stumble as he came back into the bathroom. He set the dildo down by her face and then walked behind her. Like last time he slid his cock between her slick folds. He spread her ass cheeks and then spit on her hole. He used his fingers and spit and water to loosen her up. Vanessa started moaning and rocking back onto his fingers. She felt him line up and begin pressing into her asshole. His cock was stretching her so much. She could feel him in her guts.

“Oh fuck. I am not going to last long! Fuck. God. Fuck. Its so tight!”

Vanessa brought the dildo towards her lips and then started choking on it. She could feel Beau pounding into her ass harder as she worked the dildo in her mouth. When she wondered it was nice and slick she took it out of her mouth with a pop. She brought it under her and pressed it into her pussy. Vanessa didn’t even know she could make the sounds that were coming out of her. She was slamming the dildo in and out of her cunt. Thrusting her ass back onto Beau’s cock that was pounding into her ass.

“Oh fuck. oh god. The dildo…it’s made your ass even tighter. Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck”

He was jack hammering her ass. Slapping it. Digging his fingers into her flesh. She was being pounded into the ground and Vanessa didn’t even care. Her orgasm was building and building and building. She couldn’t take it anymore. The dildo went into her pussy, Beau slammed into her ass and she came. She squirted. Shooting her cum all over the shower floor and down her legs. Her back arched so much she wondered she was going to pull something. Screams were ripped from her throat as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. She felt Beau cum. Shooting ropes of his hot seed deep into her ass. He’d spread her thick cheeks to allow himself a few more inches of penetration. Her knees slipped and she landed flat on the shower floor.

When she next was aware of anything, she felt cold water hitting her body. The dildo was on the ground by her hip. She had no memory of removing it. Beau was slumped against wall. Staring at her. She shivered. He turned off the water. Got up on legs that shook. Vanessa tried to stand but her legs were as weak as a newborn foal. Beau returned, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He helped Vanessa sit up and started drying her with a wonderfully fluffy towel. Then he wrapped it around her and carried her to his bed. He laid down next to her. Vanessa touched his face and smiled.

“Two down. One to go.”

And then she passed out.

NSFW: yes

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