Vacation with daddy

For our 11 year anniversary, daddy and I booked a hotel out of town.

We decided to check out a really nice restaurant, where I wore a short pink dress, without a bra where you can see my nipples and no underwear for easy access, and cute strap on heels. And daddy wore a black suit with a tie and black dress shoes with his hair slicked back.

We had a really nice meal and headed back to our hotel. As soon as we got to the elevator, we were encased in a frenzy or breathy kisses. Daddy felt my pussy to see how wet I was and I felt him to see how hard he is.

The elevator door opened and someone stepped on and we released from each other for a moment, out of breath, red faces from being caught. The other person chuckled.

As soon as the elevator opened to our floor, we raced down the hallway to our room, stopping just outside to kiss a few more times before hiding away in our room.

We both rush in, still caught up in feeling each others bodies, kissing. Daddy stripped my dress from my plump body and pushed me back onto the bed, while I undo his belt and pull out his gigantic cock and kiss it slowly.

While daddy is undoing his shirt, I wrap my mouth around his cock, stroking it slowly with my hand as I take more into mouth. Daddy lets out a moan that makes me more wet. I shove his cock as far as I can into my throat, letting him throat fuck me while holding my head.

After a few more slobbery licks of daddy’s cock, he flips me over and forces me on my knees and slips his high cock in my tight, wet pussy. He started hastily thrusting, pulling me up to grab my nipples, making me wetter and smacking my ass, whispering if I’m enjoying daddy’s cock instead me, to which I whisper, yes daddy, fuck me harder.

Daddy proceeds to pull out and tease my asshole with his tip, and I push back to help daddy enter. I make a small about the pain and daddy pulls out to shove his cock back into my pussy. And after a few, try’s my ass once again, this time, his gigantic cock slides in slowly, making me moan and daddy to thrust hard.

We fuck like this for what seems like ages, me begging for daddy to creampie me, but daddy tells me not yet.

He flips me on my back, thrusting hard into my pussy, licking and biting my nipples until they’re hard, and pinching them as I moan under him.

As daddy is fucking me, I feel myself getting ready to squirt, which daddy whispers, squirt princess. I do as I am commanded, making daddy moan from how good it feels and making me squirt more.

After a few minutes, daddy shoved his cock back into my ass and let’s me use my vibrator to cum. I asked daddy how close he is and he says almost, moan louder and I moan so loud from how fucking good it feels, and daddy fills my asshole and I cum from daddy moaning.

We then get up to shower and fuck again in the shower, where daddy fills my tight pussy, making my night better.

NSFW: yes

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