Unknown Desires – Part 2 [F34/F36] [Cheating] [Gentle Dom] [Slow Buildup]


The jolt was quite a surprise. I almost let the bottle slip out of my hand but managed to hold on. Frida’s face wore a nervous look that disappeared as I reached out to touch her lips moistened by the sip of beer. She gently planted a kiss on mine, as I felt the weight of her nimble frame rest on my body. She smelt of beer and vodka as sure as I smelt of beer and tequila. I opened my mouth to let her in, gently sucking on her bottom lip, tasting her, feeling her, becoming one with her. I felt her tongue venturing into my mouth, gently probing as it met mine, sending a tingling jolt down to my toes. Her sweet taste pervaded my mouth as our tongues wrestled and our breathing got more labored. I felt a stream of our saliva run down my cheek, wetting the collar of my blouse. She broke away from me and shifted her weight on her side resting her head against her elbow. It took all my strength to not pull her back in.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” she whispered as she appraised me with those green eyes. Her words only served to amplify the warmth that was beginning to create in my nether regions.
I brought the rest of her face into view, letting my eyes trace her jawline, finally resting on her cleavage while she wiped the saliva stream from my cheek. I could still feel her eyes on me as I felt her grip tighten on my hair, the mild pain pulsating through my scalp. She was building up to an intensity that made me want to blindly follow her and do her bidding. She eased the grip on my hair and planted a kiss on my lips.

“Did that hurt?” she asked as she smoothed my hair, running her fingers through it.
I just closed my eyes which she took as consent to keep going. I felt her grip tighten again as I squirmed in pleasure, the pleasure of submitting to another completely. I felt her warm lips on mine again as she climbed atop my body and straightened her back. In that moment, she appeared larger than life – like she knew exactly what she wanted from me and how to get it. For my part, I was more than happy to submit.


Varsha lay there docile under me, as I positioned myself above her crotch. I knew there was no stopping now. Her acquiescence to my gently pulling her hair unleashed something in me. Sex with Ed was all the time about him getting his way while I haplessly gave in – sucking his cock when he wanted me to, riding him as his eyes glazed over, bending over when he fancied it, or letting him cum wherever he wanted when he was done without any concern about my orgasms. But with Varsha, I wanted to drive, I wanted to command, I wanted to be the one fucking her. I gently held her throat and applied some pressure, watching her eyes grow in excitement and her bosom heave in pleasure. With one hand firmly rooted on her neck, I inserted my finger into her mouth urging her to suck, which she dutifully did. Retrieving my finger from her mouth, I licked off her saliva as she watched me with bated breath. The sight of her belly exposed by her blouse riding up made my eyes linger. I wanted to see everything she was hiding underneath – every inch of her mocha skin.

Before she could fully react, I reached down and pulled against the lapels of her blouse with all my strength, ripping the fabric and sending buttons scuttling all over the bed and floor. The resulting shock on her face, and the splendor of her body was not lost on me. Her black bra, similar to the one I held in the restroom earlier, beckoned me. Bending down, I kissed her again on her lips, quickly moving over to her cheeks and then down her neck while her moans became more confident and pronounced. I could feel the outline of her bra poking through my thin blouse, titillating my breasts. I wanted no barrier between us but the supple skin on her neck made me want to rest my lips there longer. I sunk my teeth into that skin feeling it tighten until I heard an audible shriek from her.

“Do you like that, bitch?” I asked, the expletive flying out of my mouth before I could stop myself. I watched her, fearing a reaction that may derail the moment, but she shyly nodded. I held her neck again, this time putting more pressure.

“Answer me!” I whispered in a calm but threatening tone that was becoming easier to muster.

“Yes, yes.” she sputtered.

I bent back down and bit another part of her neck feeling her arch her back under me, thoroughly enjoying the pain and pleasure. Feeling empowered, I continued down her neckline biting patches of skin as I made my way to her full Indian bosom.


The pain took me by surprise but the pleasure that soon followed quelled any attempt to protest. Arching my neck forward to get a better view of her, I traced the line that she had taken from my mouth, down my neck to my breasts. My eyes ended on her face resting at the base of my tummy – a lascivious look adorning it. She gently peeled the cup off my right breast exposing an erect nipple that she took a moment to admire. She ran her fingers around my areola making a thousand nerve ending fire that culminated in a wave of pleasure. She offered the same treatment to my left breast but this time running her finger through her mouth first. The cool of her evaporating saliva made my breasts ache. I raised my hands to grab her head and shove her mouth on my nipple, but she thwarted my attempt. She was in control and I liked it.

She cupped both my breasts with her spindly fingers and squeezed with a strength that surprised me. What started as a gentle massage of my tits soon morphed into a sensual mauling that I had long been deprived of. Her weight on my hips even prevented me from squirming freely, and that only served to increase my pleasure. Leaning back, in one swift motion, she whipped off her shirt exposing her bare tits to me. Though not as big as mine, her breasts commanded a certain sense of marvel – aptly shaped and hanging evenly. Her pale nipples and areolas that melded into the surrounding skin left my mouth dry. I didn’t realize until now the sway that a woman’s breasts can hold – and in particular, the breasts of this woman half naked in my room straddling me like she owned me. She cupped both her tits from below and gently squeezed them, accentuating her cleavage for my advantage. She knew I wanted them and she would make me wait. And just like that, she dropped them and swooped in on my lips again, our bare breasts rubbing against each other’s as we gingerly maneuvered our bodies. I felt her grip tighten on my hair again as she yanked me up off the bed and made me stand. I followed without complaint as she deposited me on the nearby sofa and propped herself on my lap.


I felt the power coursing through me as I straddled her lap, my tits perfectly positioned near her hungry mouth. Without releasing my hold on her hair, I prodded her forward until her lips enveloped my nipples completely. Slowly but surely, she started to suck on them, gently at first, gradually increasing the intensity with the muscles in her mouth. In my absolute pleasure, I continued to tighten the grip on her hair losing control sometimes and grabbing harder than I intended. But I didn’t hear a single complaint from Varsha. Never before had I been with a woman and I thought why I had failed to explore this during all my adult years. Varsha was beginning to improvise using her tongue and teeth on my already sensitive nipples and as if on cue, I began grinding my crotch against hers, feeling her naked breasts rub against my flat stomach. Using my control on her hair to my benefit, I directed her to my other breast, releasing my hold on her soft hair when I wanted her to go easy, and pulling with beastly ferocity when I needed more than a gentle mouth. She was quick to learn and understood my patterns in a way that Ed had failed to do even after all these years. God was I wet. I could feel it through my panties as my crotch ran its own patterns on her lap, trying to discover the perfect angles of thrust to derive the most pleasure. I needed to quench that fire, I couldn’t take it anymore.


When Frida finally gave me a chance to breathe, I could feel my lungs fighting for air. I realized I had forgotten to breathe for some time as Frida controlled every minute action of mine. Her nipples glistened with my saliva against the light of the lamp. Random rivulets ran down her stomach and pooled along the belt line of her grey trousers leaving dark semi-oval blots. My own breasts ached from neglect but my senses were satiated simply from the pleasure I derived of hearing Frida moan.

As I waited for her next move with tense anticipation, she stood up on the sofa, her crotch now directly in my eyeline. I couldn’t wait to see what lay beneath those layers of fabric. I imagined what her pussy would look like, what it would taste like and what I would do when I finally sunk my tongue in her.

The same firm hand that had dictated most of my actions this evening, guided me towards her crotch. Reaching up, I held onto her waist as I let myself breathe the warm musty smell of her pussy combined with the scent of her fabric softener. My audible intake of breath only made her thrust her pussy harder, shoving my face deeper into her feminine crevices. I couldn’t wait any longer. With all the strength I could muster, I pulled down her trousers leaving deep scratches on her thigh which she didn’t mind. I jerked my neck back despite her reluctance to let my hair go. I admired her pussy while she grappled with her panties and trousers around her knee. I couldn’t help but drool at the well-manicured pussy, her pubic hair shaped like a rectangle right above her clit pulling me deeper in. But before I could fully appreciate the rest of her, she jumped off the sofa and stepped out of her pants – bending over to retrieve the crumpled mess at her feet while affording me a view of her toned ass. Oh, how I wanted to bite that peach and deposit the same marks that she left on my neck.


Varsha’s move surprised me. I didn’t expect her to pull my pants down but she was merely doing what I would have done myself at some point. And could I blame her? I had barely given her an ounce of pleasure save for teasing her nipples a bit. It was time to make her pay.

Holding my crumpled panties in one hand and gripping her hair in the other like I’d already done, I forcibly made my eager slave stand. I balled my panties and shoved them in her mouth. As much as I wanted her to moan, the sadistic side of me much rather preferred to hear her muffled moans through the sheer cotton of my panties. Undoing her belt and her trousers, I ordered her to step out of them. As she willingly pulled them down, I moved a few steps back, enthralled as her Indian pussy came into sight. Generous curls of dark hair spread over the region under her belly tempting me to come take a closer look at the goods they held the keys to. The smooth skin of her thighs and legs further accentuated her aura. I made her turn around so I could admire her ass. She possessed everything I lacked and maybe that’s what attracted me to her. From her breasts, to her skin and now to her heavenly buttocks.

I steeled myself calculating my next move. Pushing her onto the bed on her belly, I made her thrust her ass out for me. I ran my hands all over them, letting my nails leave long welts just like she had done on my thighs. Pushing her face into the mattress, I pulled both her arms back and locked her in position by holding her wrists with my left hand. Overcome with a sinister urge, I spanked her ass as hard as I could. Varsha couldn’t help but flinch in surprise followed by letting out a long moan. Of course, the bitch liked it. My bitch liked it. I spanked her again, and again. Each time enjoying her flinch as I watched the imprints of my palm form on her lovely ass. When I knew she couldn’t take it anymore, I bent down and kissed her butt. Gently licking it and blowing on it to let the area cool. She squirmed and tried to protest. I knew it was intense for her.

Letting go of her arms, I spread her legs aside, revealing the pink folds of her pussy. Spreading her ass cheeks, I also ensured I got a good look at her pretty asshole. Lying prostrate in front of her, I moved in for the kill. I gently placed my hand under her, massaging her pubes, feeling the prickly hair shift as if in invitation. Parting her labia, I marveled at the folds before I tenderly rubbed my thumb on her clit, leaving her in heaving spasms of paroxysm. Her musty scent activated my own horniness like a bitch in heat. I dived into her pussy, licking her clit first and then thoroughly lapping up her entire slit from top to bottom. With each lap, I could feel her pussy getting more soaked not only with my spit but also with her own juice. Her muffled moans also waxed and waned as I teased her, bringing her close to an orgasm and then dialing down. Her juices were flowing now and they were all I could smell on my heavy breath. As I continued to eat her pussy, I gently massaged her asshole occasionally giving it a lick which finally threw her over the edge as she came in violent spasms, the muscles of her ass tightening up while her whole-body shuddered as she let out a guttural moan, forcing my tongue to get a first-hand profile of the pulses through her pussy as she climaxed.


I lay there limp and sweaty. Never in my life had I ever orgasmed that hard or for that long. In my stupor, I watched Frida sit up in front of me, her hair disheveled from my ruffling and her face wet with my juices. A part of me just wanted to pull her close, hold her face against my bosom and sleep. But a more sensual desire wanted me to finish what we had started. As I lay there staring at the ceiling, I realized that most of all, I wanted to savor this moment. So, I stayed motionless, letting the dopamine flow through my system as Frida removed her panties from my mouth – a soaking wet mess of cloth.

Before long, I sensed her getting ready to go on the prowl again. I closed my eyes for a second in anticipation of what this woman was gonna do next. A familiar scent floated through my nostrils. As I opened my eyes, I saw Frida aligning my hands beside my head, pinning my palms down with her knees while positioning her pussy atop my face. I didn’t have the strength nor the desire to fight back, but the sense of helplessness that washed over my body before and the pleasure it tugged along only came back stronger. And with that came an intense desire to please this goddess who had unlocked the rivers of sexuality in me. I took in the sight – her perfect pussy, so symmetrical and smooth and wet no doubt, primed for me to explore.

Just as soon as she was comfortably positioned, she brought her thighs together and enveloped my entire face, cutting off any chance of respiration. Taken aback and with my hands firmly pinned down, I flapped my legs hoping for some respite but none was forthcoming. My lungs burned for the sweet release of oxygen. I waited for what seemed an eternity before she let me breathe again. I heaved as my body tried to catch up while my pussy completely oblivious continued to leak its juices. She smiled that beautiful smile with her pussy still positioned a few inches away from my mouth – a view I burned into my memory as I stared at it along the length of her body and through her cleavage. She lustfully stared down at me now indicating with her eyebrows that the stage was set and that it was my time to put forth the best performance of my life. I enthusiastically lapped at her pussy, sticking my tongue out and doing for her what she had done for me just a few moments ago. Without the advantage of my hands, I had to improvise – running circles around her clit with my tongue, gently nibbling at her labia, and voraciously kissing her pussy like my life depended on it. But Frida wasn’t one to be easily satisfied. She thrust her hips harder into my face riding it like a show pony, gyrating over my lips, nose and forehead like a woman possessed, smearing my entire face with her juices and using a strong hold of my hair to make finer adjustments to where she expected my face to be. At many points in what seemed like a never-ending assault to my face, I sensed her pussy tighten which left me hoping for her orgasm, but Frida would all the time slow the pace until she walked herself off that sexual ledge in preparation for the next cycle of self-imposed edging that she was subjecting on herself and by extension on me too.


The build-up was sublime. I almost lost control sometimes but I managed to rein it back in. I did not want to cum – not yet. There was more I wanted from this night and from this woman. As much as the moment enveloped me, a stray wondered at the back of my mind knew that another opportunity like this would never come by. I would have to go back to a dull existence where orgasms were but a mirage and the sexual excitement was nothing but a few monotonous grunts.

I sensed the poor girl’s tongue tiring from pleasing my cunt so vigorously. Yes, my cunt – that’s how crass I felt tonight. And I liked it. The taste of Varsha’s pussy was fading from my mouth and I craved another hit like a deprived meth-head.

Letting go of her hair, I removed my knees from her palms that were now white compared to her fingers. Doing a complete 180, I placed my tummy on her soft breasts as I aligned my face with her heavenly pussy. The scent was transcendent – a combination of her juices and my previously deposited saliva made me feel so dirty but even more sexual. Just as I readied myself to delve in and take another bite of her forbidden fruit, I could feel Varsha’s fingers probing the edges of my pussy, probably working out a plan to tease the sexual demons out of me. I sensed her gingerly inserting a finger in my cunt making me gasp at the encroachment. I was lubricated enough that I could soon feel the full length of her inside me. With her other free hand, Varsha cradled my clit between her thumb and index finger to further augment any and all signals my pussy was sending my brain’s way. I knew she was going for the kill. I sensed how badly she wanted me to cum when I rode her face, and now she would do everything in her power to make me a shuddering mess – of this I was certain.

Not to be outdone, I slipped my hands under her ass, grabbing a chunk of her bountiful buttocks. Almost immediately, I buried my head in the folds of her pussy, her soft thighs cradling my ears and she involuntarily brought her knees together. Relishing her pussy, I slowly rubbed my own fingers against her asshole to give my girl all that she deserved. I already felt Varsha getting bolder with my pussy – she had now inserted two fingers in me, moving her index and middle finger in and out of my pussy while her ring finger teased my asshole. As we both continued, we found our rhythm again, our combined moans bouncing off the walls.

“Cumm with me, Varsha?” I demanded.

I felt her spreading my ass cheeks open, kissing my thighs as she responded “Fuck yes. Please. I want to watch your pussy cumm so bad while I cumm.”

We both jumped right back in like willing pupils competing to beat the other to the punch – just that in this case the punch bowls were our respective pussies. I sensed my orgasm on the horizon and this time I was finally ready.

“I’m going to cumm….”

Her actions on my pussy only got more vigorous as I eased up just a bit on hers. My brain prepared to live this orgasm. I sensed her pussy tighten too and watched as her toes began to curl. I lay my entire weight on her as the crescendo built up inside me. In one violent spasm, I felt a wetness flow down my thighs as Varsha arched her pussy up slamming my cheek as I tightened my grip on her butt now enveloping it in a full-frontal hug. I lay there with my cheek resting on her pussy – her prickly pubic strands being only a minor impediment to an otherwise fantastic post orgasmic bliss.

“Oh fuck” I heard her exclaim between breaths.

“Fuck indeed.” I agreed.

“Do you always cumm like this?”

“No, my love. This is the first time I have cummed that hard” I said as I turned to face her.

Her face was dripping.


I was becoming more aware of the explosion that had just battered my face. I wetness pervading my hair and pooling on the bed below my head confirmed that this had just happened.

Holy Fuck.

One second, I felt Frida’s pussy exercise a death grip on my fingers, and the next she was baptizing my new-found love of her pussy with her squirt aimed right at me. My own orgasm, that had just begun a few seconds before, was only heightened by her showering my face like a welcome Indian monsoon.

I licked my lips, tasting her juices. Frida quickly dismounted and cradled my face in her palms, pushing my hair back and admiring the masterpiece she had created on the canvas of my face. I kissed her gently as we both fell back into bed, her face resting against my neck. She put her leg over my tummy and a strange sense of belonging washed over me.

We didn’t need to say anything. The embrace had communicated everything I needed to know. A few hours ago, I had no clue that this woman existed. Now, I had just had the most intimate experience with her. One that no one has been able to give me. And going by the wetness I felt on my face, chest and back, I felt that it was the same for her.

I stroked her hair as she nuzzled further into my neck. I closed my eyes and let her soft breaths hitting my sore neck lull my spent body into deep sleep.

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