Unexpected Twist in Married (29F) Neighbor’s Wife Discovery: Shocking Revelations of Regular Intimate Encounters

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As many of you may be aware, my affair with my hot, newly married neighbor began the moment he moved in next door. But, for those who need a little catch-up, you can all the time refer to my previous posts on how it all started. However, let me distribute an unexpected twist that happened the other day when she paid me a visit at my house.

I welcomed her at the door, expecting a casual chat. But to my surprise, she revealed that she had stumbled upon some of the explicit videos her husband and I had been making for my own husband’s viewing pleasure. It completely blew my mind when she confessed that she had been indulging in some steamy self-pleasure while watching them for weeks. It was like hearing my husband’s desires from the lips of another woman. I definitely didn’t see that coming!

But here’s where things really took a tantalizing turn. She expressed her desire to surprise her husband with a thrilling threesome. With his birthday just around the corner, she wondered it would be the perfect moment to unveil her fantasy of watching him pleasure other women. Eagerly, I agreed, only under the condition that we record the encounter for my husband to enjoy later. We established the plan for the upcoming weekend.

Fast forward to Saturday, my husband and I arrived at their place for our usual drinks. As the night progressed, and alcohol loosened inhibitions, Scott’s wife boldly approached him while he lounged on the couch with my husband. With mischievous laughter and a playful demeanor, she announced that she had a special surprise for him.

Positioning myself strategically behind the couch, I revealed my fully naked body to him. Scott froze, his eyes wide with instant sobriety, unsure of how to react. As I moved closer, dropping to my knees between his legs, my husband hurriedly grabbed his phone to capture the moments unfolding before us. Scott’s wife, her smile oozing with sensual delight, began to undress slowly, mimicking my state of undress until we were both standing there, bare and ready, on either side of Scott.

His throbbing member stood erect before us, and with an exchanged glance, his wife and I locked lips and started simultaneously stroking his impressive length. Meanwhile, my husband, now deeply aroused, watched us intently while pleasuring himself and capturing the scene on video. I couldn’t withstand as I took him whole into my mouth, while his wife expertly caressed his balls.

A small moan escaped Scott’s lips, his first sound since my entrance. We worked our magic, intensifying his pleasure. Then, climbing on top of him, I slowly eased myself onto his pulsating shaft, all while his wife seductively tantalized his balls and steadily licked his glistening shaft.

After a few minutes, I switched to a mesmerizing reverse cowgirl, and Scott’s wife wasted no time in wrapping her tongue around my throbbing nub. The sensation of her willing oral skills combined with the rhythm of my body rising and descending on Scott made for an ecstatic experience. In a sultry tone, I commanded him to let me know when he was about to climax, and within moments, he shivered and moaned, confessing that he was on the brink. That’s when his wife swiftly guided his cock out of my wetness and into her warm mouth, capturing his explosive release as she swallowed every last drop with lustful delight.

Witnessing this incredible display of pleasure and passion, my husband could no longer contain himself. With the phone still in hand, he dashed towards the couch, unleashing his own powerful climax as he spurted his essence all over my glistening breasts.

Satisfied, yet hungry for more, I can confidently say that round two will bring even greater surprises and further pleasure to Scott.

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