uncle fucks gf and cousin

Today I’ve catched my uncle fucking someone in his room when I was at his place. I didn’t know who it was at first. He came outside and said he’s busy, I said wow uncle go on, good luck, don’t feel disturbed. He said you’re the best.

After some time I heard two screams from inside. Two women. I knocked, my uncle came outside. I said are you having a threesome? He said actually yes. I said who are the women? He said well one is brown and has big boobs and ass and is around 25. The other one is whitish and very tiny also around 25, both Indian descent. I said damn sounds good, I like to see them. He said no you can not. why I asked. He said you have a gf, you can not see other girls. I said you have a point thanks.

After some time and many moans, I decided to sneak up on them and watch. There I discovered that he was fucking my gf and my cousin. It was weird because he’s closely related to my cousin. I was very mad but was very horny by seeing him fuck them with his big dick.

I want to tell my girl to fuck him even more but I don’t know how to…

NSFW: yes

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