Topless at a public beach

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After the first time that my wife [F30] went topless, she wanted to do it again. I am going to tell you about a weekend we went on holidays. We preferred gonna a public beach that was not organized.
We went there in the afternoon and after an hour my wife decide to take of her bikini top. There were some rocks besides the beach and she decided to lay there to tan in her tits… But the truth is that it was the spot that everyone getting in, swimming or getting out of the sea, have a great view of her.
It was funny that there were a group of friends (strangers) near, 5 people more or less, that when they realized about her naked tits, went 2 meters right so that they can have a great view of her!
Later on, we returned to our staff, it was a bit late and a couple arrived. The wife took her dress of and she was topless too. It seems that she had started from her hotel without a top.. I told to my wife that this fact turned me on, as I liked that she know that she was gonna swim topless no matter what!
Next day, we went again at the same beach. When we reached the beach it was not very crowded. Beside us it was am American family and a couple. I placed the umbrella and I went to swim as it was a very warm day. As I was swimming I watched that my wife was taking her cover up off and she wasn’t wearing her top!
It was so nice watching her confident enough to do that. Obviously her hot body attracted so much attention…
At the night in the hotel, she wanted to be fucked doggy style and there was a dirty talk about how people were watching her tits.. Her orgasm was perfect, I love to hear those moans!!

NSFW: yes

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