Think I got tricked into being friend with advantages

This episode happened quite a few years back when I was in company college. I (22m then) had recently broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, when I started getting close to another girl (22y) on our residential campus.
She was quite the hottie, who had been single since a few months.

Phase 1: we would just talk for long, discuss our relationships, discuss likes/dislikes, etc.

Phase 2: we would squeeze onto the same single bed and talk (given it was getting cold) and chat till 3-4am.

Phase 3: she would begin dozing off on my lap. As I would try and leave, she would hold me in her sleep.. I would probably doze off in a seated position

Phase 4: As it started happening frequently, I joked that I almost slept with you the whole night, and she giggled “what’s the big deal, you are good company to sleep with”… I got comfortable and when she dozed off the next time, I also made myself comfortable and lied down.
Man, i still remember she started cuddling and in her sleep (I feel she was pretending) would get her lips on my checks or neck. Once, when I woke up my face was in between her boobs (amazing C cups)

Phase 5: I pinged her that I am coming over, and the minute I reached, she is sleeping but her boob is out of her bra and t shirt.. I don’t know how that can happen by accident.. the decent guy I wanted to be, I adjusted her tee and just sat down playing on my phone

Phase 6: next time again I am sleeping next to her, her lips are on mine and I kiss them back.. my heart was pounding and I could feel my erection.. she just went wild and I had such a passionate kiss for the longest time.. some jackass started knocking on the door and both of us got conscious and didn’t do much that night

Phase 7: next time we were on her bed, she kissed me and I kissed her back. We didn’t talk much.. slowly she slid her hand in my pant and started stroking. I also cupped her boobs and squeezed them hard. I wondered I would also finger her, but before I could do anything she went down on me, took the whole thing in her mouth and juiced it in under a minute. She swallowed the whole thing and just smiled. We started chatting normally later

We were good friedns, who never said it aloud that we are fuck buddies. We didn’t fuck but everything else… but she remains the horniest chick I was with (sexually) who had no inhibitions – sexcam, anal, cumshots, rimjob, dares and what not…

Wonderful year of sex with her!! Nostalgic

NSFW: yes

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